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Dough’s poor reputation slips further as official account gets banned

Things have gone from bad to worse
Last Updated on April 11, 2024
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Dough, formerly known as Eve, is a PC hardware company which is now known for their specialization in gaming monitors. However, there has been plenty of controversy in the past regarding undelivered products, unfulfilled pre orders, and missing refunds. The situation was looking a little bit better when Dough promised to ramp up refunds, but the future no longer looks too bright.

Now there’s yet another hit to their reputation as Dough’s official Reddit account (which they have used to communicate with quite a bit in the past) has been suspended. No official reason is known for this, just some speculation.

Official Dough Tech account gets banned on Reddit

u/Dough_Tech has now been been suspended on Reddit, which has got some people talking. In fact, there’s a whole subreddit – r/EveV – which is a community for past Dough/Eve customers to highlight issues and generally warn others to stay away. This originally came about following the long delays and missing orders for the Eve V laptop, before they shifted their focus to monitors and renamed the brand.

Screenshot of a reddit official account banned notification with options to log in or sign up.
Image source: u/kirkle8 on Reddit

As for why exactly the official account as been banned remains to be known for sure. One user suggests that it could have something to do with upvote manipulation with the use of bot accounts. This would be a way to mass downvote criticism of their business, though obviously we can’t prove this. In any case, not a great look, and that’s on top of reports of bankruptcy.

Should I avoid them?

With the negative reputation that Dough carries, we’d probably recommend staying away from them at the moment to avoid the potential hassle. The problem is that their monitors have actually been proven to be of good quality, garnering great reviews, with lots of interest being built up for the glossy 4K monitor, the Eve Spectrum. You’ll find the odd good customer review here and there, but it feels like quite the risk to order from them.

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