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Leaks reveal AMD’s next-gen APU ‘Strix Halo’ packs in much more and is almost the size of AM5

A new leak is very telling
Last Updated on July 8, 2024
Leaks reveal AMD's next-gen APUs to have bigger package size for Strix Halo
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We have new information about the upcoming Strix series of processors based on the powerful Zen5 architecture. Back in April, leaks hinted at a two-pronged approach: the Strix Point featuring a smaller FP8 package and the Strix Halo utilizing a larger FP11 package. Now, thanks to recent leaks, we have a clearer picture of the FP11’s size, and it’s substantial.

Shipping manifests reveal that the FP11 package measures a significant 37.5 x 45mm, translating to an area of 1687mm². This size is identical to the LGA-1700 CPU package used in Intel’s Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors. This means AMD’s next-generation Strix Halo APU, boasting both Zen5 CPU cores and RDNA 3.5 graphics architecture, will have a size nearly as large as the desktop AM5 or desktop-focused FL1 package used in the Dragon Range series (which is almost 1600mm²).

AMD FP11 package size – Image Source: NBD

A significant leap in size for Strix Halo

This substantial package size increase comes as a surprise compared to current AMD offerings. The FP8 package, currently used in the Phoenix APUs, measures a smaller 25 x 40mm. This translates to a significant 60% increase in size for the new FP11 package. The FP8 package also finds use in the Ryzen 8000 “Hawk Point” series and is rumored to be employed in the upcoming Zen5-based Ryzen AI 300 “Strix Point” series – the smaller sibling to the Strix Halo.

AMD Strix Point mockup – Image Source: Chiphell

AMD mobile packages

For reference, here’s a quick breakdown of some recent AMD mobile processor packages:

  • AMD FP6: 25 x 35mm (used in Renoir, Cezanne, Lucienne, and Barcelo)
  • AMD FP7(r2): 25 x 35mm (used in Rembrandt and Rembrandt-R)
  • AMD FP8: 25 x 40mm (used in Phoenix, Hawk Point, and Strix Point)
  • AMD FL1: 40 x 40mm (used in Dragon Range)
  • AMD FP11: 37.5 x 45mm (used in Strix Halo)

More cores and more power

The larger FP11 package size is primarily driven by the inclusion of a more powerful integrated GPU. Leaks suggest the Strix Point APUs will offer up to 12 Zen5 CPU cores and 12 RDNA 3.5 Compute Units, while the Strix Halo is expected to boast a whopping 16 Zen5 cores and up to 40 RDNA 3.5 Compute Units. This significant increase in processing power will require a larger package to accommodate the heat and ensure efficient performance.

While the Strix Point APUs might be launching sometime this month, the Strix Halo is still a ways off. AMD is reportedly developing a special “desktop-on-mobile” platform named Fire Range, which essentially translates the desktop-grade Granite Ridge architecture (Ryzen 9000) into a mobile format using a BGA package. Both Fire Range and Strix Halo are expected to arrive sometime in 2025.

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