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More than 700 employees will be laid off as the Apple Car and other projects are cancelled

Last Updated on April 5, 2024
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Unfortunately, tons of employees are getting laid off from Apple as the tech giant cancels several of their projects. These cancellations include the Apple Car and microLED panels coming to the next Apple Watch Ultra. Sadly, these getting axed means over 700 employees are being laid off or relocated.

The news comes from the latest WARN report from the California Employment Development Department, which was spotted by 9to5Mac. With microLED panels on Apple Watches being canceled, it means 58 employees from one of the Santa Clara offices were cut. 120 employees from San Diego were also a part of the layoffs. These employees were part of a team that evaluated Siri’s responses and focused on improving the virtual assistant.

Apple layoffs and relocations hit over 700 employees as projects are canceled

If able to, Apple offered to relocate Siri data operations employees to Austin, Texas to work in the offices there. This was a bit of a lifeline thrown out to affected employees, but not everyone was able to pick up and move to another state. For those who chose not to relocate, severance packages were offered based on how much time they had spent with the company.

Over 2,000 employees were working on the Apple Car, known as Project Titan. With the cancelation of this self-driving car, it meant tons of employees had to be let go. While Apple did attempt to reallocate many of them to different teams, there were simply too many people for them all to be reassigned.

The tech giant Apple is known for ambitious projects. Things like the Apple Car and Apple Watch microLEDs were only proof of that. However, with theese projects not being viable, the company decided to scrap them. Unfortunately, as Apple continues to work on new technology, more layoffs could be coming in the future. If the company doesn’t see a viable income stream from them in the future, we could see even more employees lose out on their livelihoods.

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