MSI Claw A1M unboxing video shows off sleek new handheld console, but it’s missing one crucial detail

An unboxing video of a black MSI Claw A1M gaming handheld console with a dragon image on the screen, displayed against a blue and purple gradient background with a "guide" icon in the top

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MSI has finally given fans a closer look at its upcoming handheld console and its accessories through a Claw A1M unboxing video. The brief snippet predictably revealed a few items necessary for maintaining any old portable gaming device, including a themed carrying case, a screen protector, a lanyard, and even a fancy claw keychain. However, one crucial detail was missing: a dock to store the console on.

Now, a dock isn’t strictly necessary for a handheld console since you can charge and store the device without it. However, it does make having a bulky handheld infinitely more convenient. This is mainly because you won’t have to shove it into a carrying case once you’re done using it. It’s worth keeping in mind that since the MSI Claw A1M release date isn’t quite here yet, the company may be waiting until launch before it starts including it in accessory kits. But details remain scarce, as neither the video nor the Claw A1M page mentions a docking station.

MSI Claw A1M Accessory Kit omits crucial dock

With the MSI Claw already being priced higher than some of its counterparts, many thought including a dock with its accessory kit was a foregone conclusion. Also, confusingly enough, its Newegg product page displays it with the other previously mentioned accessories. However, with it being excluded from the video and its product page displaying it individually, MSI may be planning on selling it separately.

It wouldn’t exactly be a surprise if this happened since Valve is also selling the Steam Deck’s similarly priced dock by itself. Regardless, this news will surely disgruntle more than a few fans since the premium-priced Claw A1M already costs a pretty penny without the accessories. For now, though, this is still merely speculation since MSI has yet to reveal its plans for the handheld console’s handy docking station.

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