MSI Claw release date prediction, confirmed specs and price

Here's the up to scratch specs, price, and release date rumors for the MSI Claw

MSI Claw release date prediction, confirmed specs and price. Image shows the MSI Claw underneath the PC Guide logo on a white gray gradient background.

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Refusing to be left behind, MSI launched its take on the handheld gaming PC at CES 2024, another Steam Deck competitor that’s got its own MSI flare. So, aside from its catchy name, what do we know so far in terms of the MSI Claw release date, specs, and price? Well, MSI hasn’t been particularly secretive about the details of its latest console, and with the specs fully confirmed it looks like we might not be waiting too much longer for an official release date to match; especially considering pre-orders have gone live in one major market.

Fans of the portable gaming PC won’t be too surprised by the looks of the MSI Claw, but it seems to have a different take on internal hardware that separates it from the crowd. In this article, we’ll detail all we know about the MSI Claw’s specs, including its powerful Intel chipset, as well as how much it will cost and when you might be able to buy one.

MSI Claw release date window prediction

There are high expectations surrounding the MSI Claw’s debut, and a recent development has revealed that the release date might be sooner than we thought. Initial release date predictions saw many estimating the device would launch in Q3 or Q4 of 2024, but an early listing of the Claw on large Spanish retailer PC Componentes shows the device launching on the 1st of April with pre-orders now live (via Videocardz). The Core Ultra 7 155H 1TB variant is listed at €979, and the 512GB is €100 less at €879, but there’s no mention so far of the Ultra 5 135H model which is suspected to be the more affordable of the lineup.

Of course, this should be taken with a pinch of salt, as we still haven’t heard anything official from MSI yet confirming any April 2024 releases, and there will probably be more regional differences in price and launch date. However, now that the Claw is available to pre-order in the UK with a launch on the 20th of March, the notion that the device will roll out globally around late March to early April does seem even more likely.

MSI Claw confirmed specs

While most of the specs of the Claw line up with what you’d expect out of a portable gaming PC with its 7-inch display, 120Hz refresh rate, and integrated graphics setup, this device marks the entrance of Intel on the handheld console market: most others use AMD-based chipsets. MSI has announced two variants of the Claw, a slightly more powerful Metero Lake Core Ultra 7 155H model, and a slightly cheaper 5 135H version. The difference between the two lies in their CPU / GPU configurations, but you can also opt for either 512GB or 1TB storage.

Like the ASUS Rog Ally and the Legion Go, the MSI Claw runs on Windows 11 with a custom MSI UI interface that acts as an optimized central games hub for launching Steam, Epic Games, and other platforms.

SpecsMSI Claw
Dimensions11.57″ x 4.60″ x 0.83″
Weight1.44 lbs
Display7” FHD (1920×1080), IPS Touchscreen
Refresh rate48Hz – 120Hz
Operating systemWindows 11
CPUUp to Intel Core Ultra 7 155H
GraphicsIntel Arc graphics
StorageNVMe M.2 SSD, up to 1TB
ConnectivityIntel Killer Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.4, Thunderbolt, USB-C w/ PD 3.0 charging, microSD, audio Combo Jack
MSI Claw specs table

MSI Claw confirmed price

Alongside the full list of specs, MSI has also confirmed just how much an MSI Claw will set you back. Given how well the device fits in with the rest of the portable gaming PC lineup, it’s not too surprising to see prices that are similar to other handhelds out there already. The base model, featuring the Core Ultra 5 135H and 512GB, starts at $699, the same as the ASUS Rog. The next model up has a more powerful 7 155H, with the 512GB version costing $749 and the 1TB version coming in at $799.

Where to buy the MSI Claw US

Where to buy the MSI Claw UK

Is the MSI Claw OLED?

Unfortunately, despite the success of the Steam Deck OLED and Nintendo Switch OLED, MSI has not gone for an OLED screen but has played it safe with a 7-inch LCD panel. This might be a compromise in order to facilitate the 120HZ IPS-level touchscreen, but can still expect an accurate and dynamic display that will give you a more than satisfactory performance for your gaming.

Final thoughts

An overview of the MSI Claw release date, specs, and price leaves us no less excited to try out MSI’s addition to the handheld market, especially as it’s the first to branch away from AMD hardware in favor of a mobile Meteor Lake Intel processor – Intel’s first appearance on a handheld. With a potential release date just a few months away, we’ll keep this page updated as the story of the MSI Claw’s release and reception unfolds.

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