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Nintendo Switch OLED Out Now – How much, Where to Buy

Time to switch it up!
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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Nintendo has released a brand new model of their highly popular hybrid console, the Switch. This new model comes with an OLED panel, rather than the ageing LCD on the original, as well as a bigger screen overall. It’s currently being sought after, with this being the first real refresh since 2017 of the main model that can be put onto a TV.

In 2019, Nintendo released the more handheld-focused version, the Switch Lite, which removes the option for being connected to a TV and has embedded Joycons, rather than the two controllers that slot off the side.

The Switch has proved incredibly popular, reviving the flagging Nintendo home console sales after a cliff drop in Wii sales towards the end of its life and the Wii U immediately making zero impact. Most games from the Wii U have now seen a port to other consoles or the Switch itself, including the superb Bayonetta 2 and the entire No More Heroes franchise (1, 2, Travis Strikes Again and the recently released 3).

After months of speculations about whether there will be a Switch Pro, a model that can output 4K and is overall more powerful, the OLED model has stung consumers waiting on a more competitive device, as the OLED Switch does feature pretty much the same specifications inside. The Joycons also remain unchanged, stoking fears of the dreaded “drift”, where the controllers will slowly lose their functionality in the joystick and begin to “drift” to one side without any input.

While the Switch OLED might not be a Pro model, it does provide evidence that Nintendo was or are still in development for the rumoured device, as every rumor regarding the Pro did involve an OLED panel and bigger screen, leading some to believe that the only reason for no proper update is due to the ongoing shortage in electronics, leaving Nintendo high and dry, along with Sony and Microsoft for making consoles fast enough after the pandemic wiped out production of necessary parts.

Nintendo did do a strange move for the company and come outright to say “No, we’re not making one” in a tweet, as the company is famously either silent on any rumours or very good at writing responses that tell people they don’t comment on rumours and speculation.

Where to Buy Switch OLED:

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is now available from major retailers, including:

US: Best Buy/Amazon/Target

UK: Amazon/AO/ShopTo/Currys

Metroid Dread also releases alongside the Switch OLED, as well as the HD Remastered collection for Super Monkey Ball.

Metroid Dread US: Amazon/Best Buy

Metroid Dread UK: Console Bundle (available Oct. 13th)/Game

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