NVIDIA RTX 3060, RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3050 Ti GPU Specifics Leaked

The RTX 3060 and RTX 3050 Ti benchmarks were leaked on Twitter, while a Saudi Arabian retailer mysteriously started to sell the unreleased RTX 3060 Ti Eagle

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NVIDIA has had a stellar year in terms of GPUs – that’s if you forget about some pretty dreadful launches – and it’s only going to get better. Since the launches of the first three 30-series graphics cards, the RTX 3090, the RTX 3080, and the RTX 3070, PC gamers and designers alike have been foaming at the mouth for the next big reveal (yes, that includes us) and we’re all looking forward to what is expected to be more budget-oriented GPUs. 

Lucky for us, the alleged specifications of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060 and RTX 3050 Ti GPUs have been leaked online. Surprisingly, we also saw a leak of the upcoming RTX 3060 Ti Eagle, which is set to be released on December 2 (after being pushed back from its original November release date). Somehow, the card became available through one retailer in Saudi Arabia.

RTX 3060 and RTX 3050 Ti – What Do We Know?

Twitter user @kopite7kimi wrote on the app that the GeForce RTX 3060 and GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics cards will feature the Ampere GA106 GPU and aim for a sub-$400 price point.

As we know, the 30-series graphics cards are all replacements, or upgrades, of NVIDIA’s older cards. Namely, the company’s 20-series cards. The RTX 3060 is set to replace last year’s RTX 2060 and the RTX 3050 Ti is expected to replace the GTX 1660 Ti/SUPER series graphics cards. 

Like the rest of the 30-series lineup, both cards will be based on NVIDIA’s new Ampere architecture, which CEO Jensen Huang said accounts for some of the biggest generational improvements in NVIDIA history. According to the leaks, both cards feature the Ampere GA106 GPU, a mid-range chip for mainstream graphics cards. 

Again, like the others, both the RTX 3060 and the RTX 3050 Ti will reportedly feature a Samsung 8nm process node and utilize the 6 GB GDDR6 RAM. According to WCCFTech, both cards are expected to have a 192-bit memory bus, too. 

For desktops, the GeForce RTX 3060 will allegedly be featuring a 30 SM GA106 GPU which will equal 3840 CUDA cores while the GeForce RTX 3050 Ti will be featuring a 28 SM GA106 GPU, equalling 3584 CUDA cores.

Both aiming for mid-range prices – and the lowest we’ve seen from the Ampere 30-series cards yet – at under $400 (the budget-friendly RTX 3070 comes in at around £499 and has been the least expensive release so far). But the price drop is expected to account for only a small difference in specs and stats – the RTX 3070 features 5888 CUDA cores and 8GB of VRAM. 

RTX 3060 Ti Eagle – What Do We Know?

Like we said, we saw a surprise – and very early – leak of the RTX 3060 Ti Eagle model. Apparently, a retailer in Saudia Arabia called Silicon Valley received stock early Gigabyte and decided to put it all on sale. 

VideoCardz reported that the card is being sold at 3,699 Saudi Riyal, equivalent to $986 USD. Ultimately, this is a huge power play. Considering the RTX 3060 Ti ranks just a little bit lower than the RTX 3070 in terms of specs, this is a clear rip-off, especially since the card is expected to retail at $399 dollars. This retailer is obviously trying to make an easy buck by selling an unreleased product and inflating prices.

It’s unclear why or even how this happened. It’s either a blatant embargo breach or a lack-of-embargo-situation. Either way, it’s pretty nasty and is reminiscent of the prior 30-series launches that saw scalpers and bots rinse whatever their stock was and attempt to sell at much higher prices. 

The actual release date for the RTX 3060 Ti is December 2.

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