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Nvidia’s ChatRTX is revealed to have high-risk security vulnerabilities, and you need to update it now

Last Updated on March 28, 2024
Nvidia Chat with RTX program on a blue background
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Nvidia’s Chat with RTX, an AI chatbot that is similar to ChatGPT, has been revealed by Nvidia to have some major security vulnerabilities if you use the program. The good news is that Nvidia has just released the latest update for the chatbot, but you need to update the software now to avoid these security issues.

The Chat with RTX chatbot, now known as ChatRTX, has been revealed to have two security risks by Nvidia. These risks, identified as CVE-2024-0082 and CVE-2024-0083, can potentially cause issues like information disclosure, data tampering, and denial of service. The common weakness enumerations, or CWEs, are CWE-269, which can let an attacker cause improper privilege management by sending open file requests. CWE-79, the other vulnerability, can allow an attacker to cause a cross-site scripting error by the network by running malicious scripts in users’ browsers.

Be sure to update to the latest Nvidia Chat with RTX to avoid security vulnerabilities

The vulnerabilities have been fixed thanks to the latest update that Nvidia has released, the 0.2 update. You can download it directly from Nvidia’s download page. These UI vulnerabilities could easily give hackers access to your system that you wouldn’t want them to have. If you use ChatRTX, you need to get this latest update to ensure your data is safe.

Luckily, Nvidia was quick to fix these vulnerabilities. As soon as they became aware of the issue, it was promptly patched out. With any luck, no users suffered any sort of security breach before they updated their software.

With the rise of AI becoming more prominent, this leaves a gap open for security issues. To know that an advanced program like ChatRTX, an alternative to ChatGPT, can have these vulnerabilities is troublesome. But, with such a swift response, Nvidia has shown they’re ready to fix any problem that may come. Chat with RTX still remains in the beta stage, as well. It’s highly likely the full release will suffer from any of these issues.

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