Orange Pi rumored to be working on its own smartwatch, rivaling Apple and Samsung

Two Orange Pi smartwatches displaying health tracking features on a blue gradient background with a "guide" icon in the corner.

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If you constantly tinker with single-board computers, you may already be familiar with Orange Pi. Although the China-based manufacturer is most known for its Raspberry Pi-esque hardware offerings, it’s now branching out into an adjacent field, rivaling the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Google: smartwatches. Orange Pi is gearing up to release its own wrist-worn model called the Watch D Pro, and it may even offer some features that the big players don’t have with theirs.

Speaking at the Orange Pi Developer Conference held in March 2024 (via CNX Software), the company teased its state-of-the-art smartwatch model with a quick look at some of its key features. Some tools you can apparently expect with the Orange Pi Watch D Pro include “non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, [a] one-click ‘micro-physical examination,'” and other handy devices that can help monitor users’ health. Of course, like any rumor, you will need to take this with a heaping amount of salt. But if this smartwatch does end up delivering, it could become an unlikely game-changer in this particular field.

The Orange Pi Watch D Pro may be the ideal health-monitoring smartwatch

Despite this announcement, Orange Pi has, unfortunately, yet to announce a concrete release date for its smartwatch. Other specific details regarding the upcoming model also remain scarce, which likely means it won’t be available until 2025 at the latest. It’s also worth remembering that since the company is based in China, the Watch D Pro may only be available through certain retailers, such as AliExpress, which may not be practical for those residing outside of Asia. That said, we will continue to provide more details as soon as its available, so you hopefully won’t have to remain in the dark for long.

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