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Overclockers UK unveils the 8Pack Supernova MK3 and it features no less than seven RTX 4090s

Yes, seven, you didn't read that wrong
Last Updated on June 4, 2024
Overclockers UK unveils the 8Pack Supernova MK3 and it features no less than seven RTX 4090s
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If it’s powerful performance you’re after the 8Pack Supernova MK3 could be the PC for you. After a number of updates, the 8Pack Supernova is back and better than ever. With a brand-new aesthetic and advanced hardware fitting the 8Pack Supernova MK3 can now be purchased from Overclockers UK for £38,888.88. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll be getting from the updated 8Pack Supernova MK3.

What does the 8Pack Supernova MK3 have to offer?

The 8Pack Supernova has certainly made a powerful comeback, with a brand new design and impressive set of specs. The power of this PC can be explained by the advanced hardware updates, including a flagship AMD Threadripper CPU, 512GB RAM, and seven RTX 4090s. In addition to this, it has overclocking capabilities, making the PC even more adaptable, just in case you somehow need more power than this.

Specifications8PACK SUPERNOVA MK3
CPUAMD Ryzen Threadripper 7995WX CPU
MemoryKingston 512GB 5600MHz DDR5 quad-channel RAM
GPU7 x NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs
SSD2 x 4TB WD SN850X M.2 SSDs
3 x 8TB Samsung 860 QVO SSDs
CoolingCustom water-cooling solution
PSU2 x ASUS ROG Thor 1600W 80 PLUS Platinum ATX PSUs
1 x Phanteks Revolt 850W 80 PLUS Platinum SFX PSU

The processing power of this PC can be accredited to the overall high performance of its AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7995WX CPU. This CPU boasts 96 cores, 192 threads, and a maximum stable overclock of 4.4GHz on all cores. This processor is more than capable of the most demanding workloads and gaming; completing tasks with great efficiency. Increasing its efficiency further is the inclusion of the Kingston 512GB 5600MHz DDR5 quad-channel RAM. With each channel hosting a massive 12GB, the bandwidth memory that the CPU has access to increases exponentially.

Yes, you heard correctly! The 8Pack Supernova MK3 is fully equipped with seven Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090 GPUs! Being one of the best GPUs Nvidia has released in recent years, this equips the 8Pack Supernova with more than enough powerful graphic capabilities. On top of this, each GPU is overclocked to its maximum stable speed, allowing it to provide the best in CUDA performance.

Image credit: Overclockers

With all this impressive hardware, you must be wondering what sort of cooling system the 8Pack Supernova MK3 hosts. This PC offers the best water-cooling solution and presents an option that can keep up with the seven GPUs packed into this system. Delivering the best in efficient thermal performance, this water-cooling solution is constructed by a single loop and two Nexalus pumps. This design allows for fluid pressure to be harmonized throughout the system providing constant flow and optimized performance. Each water block is custom-fit to each component and was also created by Nexalus, perfectly designed to draw in heat and maximize compatibility.

In addition to the functional aspects of this system, the design of the 8Pack Supernova MK3 certainly provides a stylish option for customers. Gone is the red and gold finish of previous iterations, now the MK3 features a sleek modern, black, and silver aesthetic. On top of this, the MK3 is fitted with stunning distro plates, with a custom machine billet aluminum base and acrylic top.

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