Photos have leaked of a new Xbox Series X that’s all white and all digital

Microsoft white Xbox Series X console with a wireless controller on a gradient background in a photo.

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A new Xbox Series X console is reportedly coming, and this time it will be all white. New photos have been leaked that reveal what is believed to be an all-digital Xbox Series X, showing the latest version of the high-end console. It’s the first X console that doesn’t have a disc reader.

The photos, leaked by eXputer, show the console from multiple different angles. The Xbox Series X is notable for being all-digital, meaning there is no physical disc reader built in. This is the first X variant of the Xbox Series console that doesn’t have this function. You can also tell from the photos that the console is entirely white in color. While these aren’t improvements to the system, they do bring some variety to the lineup.

White Xbox Series X with no disc reader has been leaked in photos

However, there is still a supposed upgrade coming with this console. This improvement is said to be an upgraded heatsink. However, beyond this change, all other specs are reported to be the same for this console.

No official release date has been given for the all-white Xbox Series X yet, but eXputer claims that the console will retail for less than that of the currently available Xbox Series X consoles. This will put the price somewhere below $499.99. With the removal of the disc reader, this means the price is able to drop lower. If you prefer to have all your games be digital copies, this could be a good alternative for you.

This new Xbox Series X will likely be released to compete with the upcoming PS5 Pro which is currently believed to be coming out later this year. While the PS5 Pro does have some major improvements over the base model of the console, it’s more than likely going to come at a higher price tag. If you’re in the market for a more budget console, this all-white all-digital Xbox Series X could be exactly what you need.

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