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PowerA MOGA XP7-X Plus wants to boost gaming, your phone

Tempting if you're looking for a new controller
Last Updated on January 18, 2024
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Having a proper controller for gaming is integral – even with PCs, should a mouse and keyboard not cut it. That’s why we like the look of the upcoming PowerA MOGA XP7-X Plus. It’s a controller that seems flexible enough to fit most needs, but adds some fantastic features into the mix.

A controller’s primary function should be to support gamers through comfort and precision – to enhance gaming. At the same time though, the best controllers should provide this without it even being a question, allowing you to forget about them between setting up and shutting down.

PowerA’s MOGA XP7-X Plus looks to deliver on each of these fronts, providing Xbox, mobile, and PC gamers with an ergonomic design. Not forgetting two mappable AGBs (advance gaming buttons), and a detachable play stand for gaming in tabletop mode.

If a table isn’t an option, the controller features a telescopic center that can secure phones as large as 7.13-inches – literally getting the controls out of the way, so you can focus on the game.

Brilliantly though, the MOGA XP7-X Plus also includes an integrated and rechargeable 2000mAh wireless power bank. This supports wireless charging for compatible phones while you play. PowerA calls this ‘Boost Mode’; more important is that it can prevent gaming sessions from being miserably cut short due to phone battery.

For connectivity, Bluetooth and a USB-C port will cover all eventualities. And as with all PowerA devices, the MOGA XP7-X Plus comes with a two-year limited warranty.

PC gamers should certainly take note that that is a certainly great-looking controller for PC and mobile gaming. But if you only want a controller for desktop gaming, check out our best controllers for PC guide.

Otherwise, the PowerA MOGA XP7-X Plus is available now from Power A (Amazon, from July 12th ), and we can’t wait to have a look at one.

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