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RTX 5090 rumor suggests a blazingly fast base clock nearing 3GHz

Lightning fast clock rates and memory, the 5090 is shaping up to be a best of a GPU
Last Updated on July 10, 2024
RTX 5090 rumor suggests a blazingly fast base clock nearing 3GHz
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As we’re nearing the expected RTX 50 series release date, we’re being drip-fed more and more leaks and rumors on what we expect to be some of the best graphics cards. Next is the potential clock rate of the GPU, according to a previous leaker panzerlied on the Chiphell forum (thanks to VideoCardz), the base clock could be a whopping 2.9GHz on the RTX 5090 headlining the next generation of Nvidia graphic cards.

Previously the same user suggested the RTX 5090 will be utilizing a 448-bit memory bus, but now they’re saying the speed will be much higher than the RTX 4090 as well, as the base frequency will be higher than even the boost clock. This would also suggest that the boost clock might even reach above 3GHz as well without the need for overclocking and extreme GPU cooling. But at what cost? As the power could be increasing even more than the 450W already on the Ada card, and that’s a lot for a home PC.

panzerlied comment on RTX 5090 frequency, Source Chiphell
panzerlied comment on RTX 5090 frequency, Source Chiphell

RTX 5090 rumored specs

Expected to be announced at the end of 2024, the RTX 5090 has a good potential to provide a good performance uplift. Considering the expected CUDA core increase by over 8,000 on an improved node is already a lot more performance. Along with these running a lot faster, it will provide a much-improved processing speed.

It also looks to be upgrading its memory, with the next generation of GDDR7 memory expected to be featured on the top end of the series at least. Along with a much bigger memory bus and speed, the bandwidth looks to be increasing by over 50% as well. All combined should be providing quite the boost in performance and speed, if the rumors are to be trusted. But with the demand for AI and the likely high price of the card, we’re not even sure anyone will be able to afford and get hands-on with it.

RTX 5090 FERTX 4090 FE
Total SMs<192128
CUDA cores<24,57616,384
Base clock2.9GHz2.23GHz
Boost clockTBC2.52GHz
Memory bus448-bit384-bit
Memory speed28Gbps21Gbps
Memory bandwidth1,568GB/s1,008GB/s

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