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RX 8000 series shipping manifest suggests that we could be seeing a new XTX GPU from AMD after all

Another clue for the 8000 series
Last Updated on June 11, 2024
RX 7900 XTX graphics card on table, captured by PCGuide
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Now that Computex has wrapped up with much of AMD’s focus being on Ryzen rather than Radeon, we’re still left grasping for more details about the upcoming RX 8000 series of graphics cards. For now, though, we can always pay attention to the latest leaks and rumors circulating the web regarding this next generation of GPUs.

One of the latest revelations is that a new XTX card could be on the way, we can only assume following in the footsteps as the current 7900 XTX. On the flip side, we didn’t expect to see AMD releasing any high-end GPUs in this upcoming generation, so the power of the potential new flagship may be questioned, even if it carries the XTX label.

Navi 48 XTX graphics card mentioned

As reported by outlets such as VideoCardz, a shipping manifest has revealed a Navi 48-based graphics card is in production, with the label suggesting that Samsung is involved in the development in some way, perhaps the rumored GDDR6 memory. The shipping manifest below makes reference to the XTX graphics card, labeled as ‘NAVI48 28201 DT XTX’. Just two GPU chips (Navi 48 & Navi 44) have been confirmed so far, the former expected to be the faster of the two.

Navi 48 G28201 DR XTX shipping manifest, source: VideoCardz via NBD

How is the next generation shaping up?

Since we don’t expect AMD to compete in the high-end this generation, the mention of an XTX card has piqued our interest. This isn’t a label we expected to see this time around, but we suppose AMD still need a flagship model. Look back to the RX 5000 series that also had two Navi graphics processors (Navi 10 & Navi 14). We could see a similar story here – that generation maxed out at the 5700 XT for reference.

Regardless, current rumors say that AMD will be focusing on creating more of a ‘refresh’ generation with the 8000 series, instead focusing on aspects such as better ray tracing – especially with Radeon GPU sales down this year. If a new XTX card is released, we don’t expect a massive improvement over the 7000 series equivalent, but we’d be happy to be proven wrong.

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