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Sony reportedly taking drastic action following PS5 Pro leaks

Last Updated on March 19, 2024
PlayStation 5 Pro console with a controller against a blue and purple gradient background.
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Following a slew of untimely and seemingly accurate PS5 Pro leaks, Sony is reportedly taking drastic action to prevent even more details regarding its upcoming console from being divulged. The Japan-based conglomerate allegedly plans to reduce its third-party developer pool since the leaked documents apparently came from an external source.

That’s according to Tom Henderson on Twitter/X, who said: “As expected, Sony has launched an internal investigation into the leaked documents on Trinity as it leaked during a third-party rollout.” It is worth noting that the company’s rumored plans to reduce its collaboration with external studios are mere speculation since Sony has yet to reveal its plans following these unfortunate leaks. The alleged internal investigation, though it comes from a known insider, also hasn’t been confirmed. So, like the leaked PS5 Pro specs, you’ll need to take all these details with a heaping helping of salt.

PS5 Pro rumors are rife ahead of its still-unconfirmed launch

The upcoming console’s rumored features and Sony’s alleged action addressing the leak aren’t the only things that haven’t been confirmed. The PS5 Pro release date, reportedly taking place in 2024, also hasn’t been announced as of writing. Alas, following this sudden wave of unofficial information, which many, including IGN and Insider Gaming, consider accurate, it may take even longer before Sony officially announces the PS5’s successor.

Of course, Sony could do what Rockstar did with GTA 6 and get ahead of even more leaks by announcing everything regarding the PS5 Pro immediately. But don’t get your hopes up, PlayStation fans; this outcome seems highly unlikely since these are two completely different products, and the console, no matter how highly anticipated, may not be ready for an announcement yet. That said, we will keep an eye on the situation and update you with the latest information as soon as it’s provided.

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