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Sony takes down leaked PS5 Pro specs, but that only tells us one thing

This only makes the leak seem more credible
Last Updated on April 17, 2024
Sony takes down leaked PS5 Pro specs, but that only tells us one thing
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Last month, popular YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead put out a video outlining some key information on the upcoming PS5 Pro, providing plenty of leaks regarding the specs and performance goals of the console revision. Well, the damage has been done and many outlets have already reported on the leaks, from various sources (not just MLID).

A development in the story now as Sony has put a copyright claim on the video, but we’d say it’s too little too late. The information is now widespread and the fact they even bothered to shut it down implies to us that the leak carries a lot of truth.

If you were to try and view the YouTube video now, you’ll simply be met by the ‘Video unavailable’ message due to a ‘copyright claim by Sony Interactive Entertainment’. As we said though, we think that Sony’s actions here only proves the leakers right. As a side note, you can actually still watch the video in question on the Wayback Machine.

The leak provided us with the knowledge required to get a clear picture of what the PS5 Pro is aiming for – better ray tracing performance and upscaling tech to rival modern PC gaming.

Screen displaying a message that says "video unavailable, this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by sony interactive entertainment.

What do we know about the PS5 Pro?

We’re eagerly counting down the days until the PS5 Pro release date, which is set for the holiday season this year. In our release date article, we also go over the leaked specs in more detail. However, we can give you a rundown right here.

The PS5 Pro will have 45% faster GPU rendering than the original PS5, with the graphics being one of the biggest upgrades. As such, 2-3x better ray tracing – even 4x in some cases – is to be expected. Another target is 8K, though this high resolution will be more relevant to media consumption rather than gaming. New upscaling tech (PSSR) is also leaked, allowing consoles to boost framerates by upscaling from a lower resolution up to something like 4K. All of these aspects combined should allow for more demanding games to target 60FPS with high fidelity, rather than the 30FPS we’ve become accustomed to.

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