The PS5 Pro’s Zen 2 CPU could be denser and better than we thought

A PS5 Pro gaming console with its wireless controller against a purple background.

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Rumors about the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro have been swirling around for a while now. Recently, new leaks reveal that the CPU, previously thought to not have many improvements over the original at all, could be a bigger improvement than we thought it would be.

Revealed by Moore’s Law is Dead, a well-known leak channel, the Zen 2 CPU for the PS5 Pro is reportedly a 4nm CPU. This is slightly denser than the original model for the base PS5. This denser CPU could provide some good improvements, which PS5 Pro rumors previously suggested were minimal. These improvements include better cost efficiency, reduced power consumption, and a smaller form factor.

New leaks for PS5 Pro suggest a denser CPU and info about Spectral Super Resolution

MLID also talked about the Spectral Super Resolution for the upcoming PS5 Pro, the upscaler for the console. The leak reveals that the PSSR upscaler is brand-new and specifically designed for the PS5 Pro. It was reportedly developed entirely by Sony, instead of being based on the upcoming AMD FSR 4 upscaler. How it compares to the AMD upscaler is yet to be seen, but it will be interesting to find out which one comes out on top.

Overall, these leaks are promising for the PS5 Pro. What was previously thought to be a minimal improvement to the CPU could be more than we thought. With a denser CPU and improved upscaling, as well as providing a smaller system than even the Slim variant of the PS5, this console could be a solid upgrade from the base models.

There’s still no official date for when the PS5 Pro will be released to the masses, though. While speculations keep the date around late 2024, there’s nothing official from Sony yet. However, more news is expected to be released soon as we get further into the year. The PS5 Pro is gaining more hype, and we can’t wait to see what news comes out next.

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