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These AMD Ryzen CPUs are hitting new low prices as retailers gear up for Zen 5

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Last Updated on May 1, 2024
These AMD Ryzen CPUs are hitting new low prices as retailers gear up for Zen 5
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We’re well aware that the Ryzen 9000 series is on the way, and with it comes price drops for the popular 7000 series and 5000 series desktop CPUs. These series are the most popular for gaming right now, especially with the introduction of many new X3D variants. The powerful 7900X3D, that we’ve reviewed, has dropped to a record-low price of just $329, and a number of other models have followed suit.

Whether you’re upgrading your AM4 system or want to make the leap to AM5, these discounts let you do so at a reduced cost. One particularly interesting deal is on the 5700X3D, a relatively new SKU that provides that 3D V-Cache design at a more budget-friendly level.

AMD Ryzen CPUs drop to new low price

A number of different Ryzen CPUs are on the receiving end of a discount. We do tend to see older models (such as the 5000 series) pretty much always boasting some kind of sale, and the same has been true for the 7000 series as we close in on the launch of the latest Zen 5 generation.

AntOnline is one retailer you may have not heard of, but they have dropped the price of the 7900X3D way down and is currently cheaper than the competition. For comparison, the cheapest we’ve ever seen on Amazon is just over $390 according to price tracking site Camelcamelcamel. In the case of the 5700X3D, it is indeed the lowest it has ever been, while the 5800X is just $1 more than its record low.

AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D price history on Amazon
AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D price history on Amazon (source: Camelcamelcamel)

Which Ryzen CPU is best for me?

SpecificationRyzen 9 7900X3DRyzen 7 5700X3DRyzen 7 5800X
Base clock speed4.4GHz3.0Ghz3.8GHz
Boost clock speed5.6GHz4.1GHz4.7GHz
L3 Cache128MB96MB32MB
Specs table for 7900X3D, 5700X3D, and 5800X

Knowing what the best CPU is for you depends on a few different factors. First of all, you need to identify what you’ll be using your PC for. If you’re pretty much focused on gaming, then one of the X3D models will be your best bet thanks to the high level of cache as a result of the 3D-stacked V-cache design.

For productivity, you’ll want more cores – though all three featured above aren’t lacking here, though the Ryzen 9 obviously takes the lead. Also pay attention to the socket type. AM4 is much more budget-friendly, as other compatible components (motherboard, RAM) will be cheaper, while the newer AM5 platform comes with a premium price and you’ll need to upgrade if you’re already based on an AM4 board.

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