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We don’t want another RTX 4080, but this lesser-known brand is releasing one anyway

Yes, a non-super RTX 4080
Last Updated on April 18, 2024
We don't want another RTX 4080, but this lesser-known brand is releasing one anyway
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You may remember than Nvidia launched the RTX 4080 Super just over a couple of months, basically invalidating the existence of the more expensive and (marginally) less powerful non-Super 4080. Well, one Chinese brand has now released a water-cooled version of the original 4080, though it won’t be available globally and will likely see a limited launch.

While it is interesting, we don’t see too much reason to pick this up – as we say in our RTX 4080 Super review: “the RTX 4080 Super confidently replaces any reason to ever go out and buy the base RTX 4080“. We are at least a little intrigued by the water cooling aspect.

Zephyr launches new non-super RTX 4080 in China

This news comes courtesy of VideoCardz, who explain that Zephyr is a lesser-known board partner of Nvidia that produces GPUs which provide something a little unique. First off, it’s a great looking card based on the provided imagery. It looks incredibly clean in their test rig too, so there’s nothing to complain about if you want something that stands out from the crowd.

It’s not like the RTX 4080 is a bad performer by any means, but this model is now selling for 8,099 RMB – which translates to around $1,118 or £898. Considering you can pick up a Super for less than that (particularly in the US), it doesn’t look like the best value for money on the surface. Again, we don’t expect it to sell in these regions anyway.

It features Valkyrie AIO cooling

The defining feature of this RTX 4080 is the fact it comes with an AIO cooler with liquid cooling provided by Valkyrie, the company that Zephyr has partnered with for this new model. It is also backed up by a 280mm radiator which will obvious require a significant amount of space in your case, while the graphics card itself measures 276mm x 119mm x 52mm. A single 12VHPWR connector is located on the side to improve cable management, since you also have to account for the radiator and tubes.

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