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World’s first liquid AIO cooler with an AMOLED curved display has been revealed

Last Updated on March 29, 2024
High-performance graphics card with AIO Cooler with OLED screen on a digital background featuring pc logos.
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The Chinese manufacturer, TRYX, unveiled a brand new AIO cooler with two very special features. This liquid cooler not only features some impressive specs that we know of so far, but it also features a special AMOLED curved display. It marks it as the first one the world has ever seen.

The Panorama Series AIO Liquid Cooler, as said by user wxnod on Twitter, shows off some major next-gen features. The cooler, part of the Exhibition Area line, features a 6.5-inch OLED curved screen. This was photographed by wxnod, and supposedly gives users a better view angle as well as 3D effects with the naked eye, thanks to the curved screen. This has never been seen before on an AIO cooler.

The latest Panorama Series AIO Liquid Cooler from TRYX includes a curved OLED monitor

On Twitter, wxnod revealed that these water-cooled radiators supposedly come in two versions, the PRO and the ARGB. There are three different specifications also listed, 240mm, 280mm, and 340mm respectively. The ARGB variant is likely to come with ARGB fans integrated into the design for the radiator.

Unfortunately, at this time we don’t know too many specifications about how well the coolers run. We do know, however, that it comes with the ASETEK Gen8 Water Pump, a 32% larger cold plate, and a 3-phase motor. All signs point to this AIO cooler to be very impressive, even if you don’t take into account the monitor included in the setup.

There is no official date for when the Panorama Series AIO Liquid Cooler will come to stores. Luckily, though, we are able to place approximate prices. They will likely retail for anywhere around $200 to $300, judging by the prices of the shown off by TRYX at the showcase. For everything that’s included with these impressive coolers, it’s not a bad deal at all. We’re excited to see just how powerful this AIO cooler is. We’re especially interested in how setups will look with the OLED screen integrated.

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