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Best PSU for RTX 4060 Ti – 8GB and 16GB

Nvidia's RTX 4060 Ti is a budget-friendly option that will require a well-rounded PSU for optimal performance
Last Updated on July 21, 2023

Building a PC requires careful consideration of each component’s demands, ensuring that the entire system performs optimally. One component that often gets overlooked is the power supply unit or PSU. 

It is the heart of your computer system that provides power to all other components. Choosing the right PSU is even more critical when dealing with high-performance hardware like Nvidia’s latest mid-range GPUs, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB and 16GB. This article aims to guide you in finding the best PSU for the RTX 4060 Ti – 8GB and 16GB.

Products at a Glance

Features and considerations

When it comes to PSUs, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The most important is undoubtedly the power output. The RTX 4060 Ti 8GB and 16GB have a graphics card power (TDP) of 160W and 165W respectively. However, this is only the power consumption of the GPU itself. Other components in your PC, such as the CPU, RAM, and drives, also require power. Therefore, you must choose a PSU that can comfortably power your entire system. The minimum PSU wattage for them is 450W.

Another key aspect is efficiency. PSUs are rated by their efficiency levels, which are represented by 80 Plus ratings (Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium). The higher the rating, the more efficient the PSU is at converting AC power from the wall into DC power your components can use, which means less energy is wasted as heat.

Our Recommended

Best PSU for RTX 4060 Ti – 8GB and 16GB

  • Affordable
  • Quiet operation
  • Ample power for mid-range GPUs
  • Not modular
  • Might not support high-end builds
  • Lacks premium features

The Cooler Master V550 V2 hits the sweet spot in the power supply unit (PSU) market with its ideal blend of performance, price, power, and gold efficiency rating. It’s a great match for mid-range GPU users such as those sporting the newly-released RTX 4060 Ti, either in the 8GB or 16GB version.

This PSU has 550W, which is more than enough to comfortably power the RTX 4060 Ti which has a TDP of 165W for the 16GB variant and 160W for the 8GB version. Even when you factor in the power requirements of the rest of your system, the Cooler Master V550 V2 still provides ample stability. This makes it an ideal choice for gamers and PC enthusiasts who want a reliable and efficient power supply without breaking the bank.

Additionally, this PSU is a great pick for those who value quiet operation. The fan only kicks into high gear when it’s necessary, meaning your gaming experience will be uninterrupted by unwanted noise. Overall, the Cooler Master V550 V2 offers an excellent balance of cost, performance, and noise level.

  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable and durable
  • Good power capacity for mid-range systems
  • Non-modular
  • May not have enough power for high-end systems
  • Not as quiet as more premium models

The EVGA 600 W1 PLUS White is a standout choice for budget-conscious PC builders. It provides reliable power at an affordable price, making it an excellent option for those just getting started in the PC-building hobby or for those who don’t want to overspend on their power supply. It pairs well with mid-range GPUs like the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB and 16GB, delivering steady and consistent power.

With 600W, the EVGA 600 W1 PLUS has a little more overhead than the Cooler Master V550 V2, but it is still a perfect fit for the power demands of the RTX 4060 Ti. This means you’ll have some power to spare for other components in your system, providing a bit of future-proofing if you decide to upgrade your components later.

Even though it’s a budget option, the EVGA 600 W1 PLUS doesn’t skimp on quality. It has a reputation for reliability and durability, meaning you can trust it to power your system for a long time. If you’re looking for a cost-effective power solution for your RTX 4060 Ti, the EVGA 600 W1 PLUS White is a great pick.

  • High power efficiency
  • Semi-modular design for a neat setup
  • Generous power for future upgrades
  • Higher price point than entry-level PSUs
  • Overpowering for less-demanding setups
  • Larger sizes may not fit all cases

The EVGA 750 GQ power supply delivers performance with a premium touch for those considering RTX 4060 Ti, whether you’re using the 8GB or 16GB variant. With its robust power output, it’s an ideal match for users planning to house demanding components, including high-performing CPUs and multiple peripherals.

The EVGA 750 GQ comes with the confidence of 80 Plus Gold certification, ensuring efficiency of 90% under typical loads. This means less heat and potential cost savings on your electricity bills – a significant advantage for gaming enthusiasts and intensive PC users.

Furthermore, the EVGA 750 GQ takes the hassle out of cable management with its semi-modular design. This allows for better organization, leading to a neat build and improved airflow. With a generous 750W power capacity, future upgrades are easily manageable. If you’re eyeing an efficient, dependable, and flexible PSU for your RTX 4060 Ti, the EVGA 750 GQ is a top contender.

  • High energy efficiency
  • Fully modular for a tidy build
  • 750W power supports future upgrades
  • High cost compared to other options
  • Could be overkill for less-demanding systems
  • The large size may not fit in all cases

The EVGA Super Nova GA 750 is a high-end power supply unit designed to meet the needs of hardcore gamers and serious PC builders. It’s an excellent match for the RTX 4060 Ti, be it the 8GB or 16GB version, providing ample power for the most demanding systems.

The Super Nova GA 750 boasts an 80 Plus Gold certification, guaranteeing efficient power delivery and minimizing energy wastage and excess heat. This leads to a cooler and potentially quieter gaming environment, making it ideal for long gaming sessions.

The GA 750 features a fully modular design, allowing you to use only the cables you need and facilitating better airflow. This contributes to a cleaner and more organized build. With 750W of power, you have ample overhead for future upgrades. If you’re searching for a premium PSU for your RTX 4060 Ti build, the EVGA Super Nova GA 750 is a compelling choice.

How do we pick the best PSU for RTX 4060 Ti – 8GB and 16GB

Selecting the best PSU for the RTX 4060 Ti – 8GB and 16GB is no easy task. We have considered a variety of factors such as power output, efficiency, compatibility, and build quality. We also have taken user reviews and brand reputation into account to ensure that you get a reliable and durable PSU.

In addition, we’ve looked at PSUs across a range of budgets to cater to different user needs. Whether you’re building a high-end gaming rig or a budget-friendly workstation, you’ll find suitable PSU options in our selection. Stay tuned as we explore the top power supply units to pair with your RTX 4060 Ti.


What power supply do I need for RTX 4060 TI?

While the minimum requirement for the RTX 4060 TI is a 450W PSU, we recommend opting for a bit more headroom. A power supply rated between 500-550W would be ideal for this GPU, providing ample power for the system while leaving room for other components and potential future upgrades.

Is 500w enough for 4060Ti?

Yes, a 500W power supply is indeed sufficient for the RTX 4060Ti. This would adequately power the GPU along with other standard components in your PC. However, if you plan to add more hardware to your setup or aim for considerable overclocking, it may be wise to consider a PSU with a higher wattage.

Our Verdict

Choosing the best power supply for your RTX 4060 Ti, whether it’s the 8GB or 16GB version, ultimately depends on your unique needs and budget. Every power supply we’ve reviewed today brings a unique set of features to the table, catering to a diverse range of users. From the all-around excellence of the Cooler Master V550 V2 to the budget-friendliness of the EVGA 600 W1 PLUS White, the premium 750W power of the EVGA 750 GQ, and the high-end sophistication of the EVGA Super Nova GA 750, there’s something for everyone.

Right now, the Cooler Master V550 V2 serves as the ultimate choice, but it is always important to understand your overall budget and PC requirements. In closing, always consider your PSU as an investment in your PC’s health and longevity. An adequate power supply is key to ensuring the smooth operation of your components, including your newly acquired RTX 4060 Ti. Remember to take into account not only your present needs but also future upgrades.