How to Log In To Your AT&T Router

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There can be a need to log in to your AT&T router/modem occasionally. But, for a successful login, you must know the proper steps to log in to the router. In the article below, we will help you log in to the AT&T router. 

A Guide to Logging into Your AT&T Router

Follow the easy steps below to access your AT&T router. Ensure a stable internet connection and that the AT&T router is connected to a laptop, PC, or any other smartphone/tablet. Once you have a stable internet connection with a device, connect to your own router. 

You now need to follow the below easy steps:

Access the Configuration Page in the Browser

Open it regardless of your web browser (chrome/firefox/safari) and enter the default IP address into your address bar. If you are trying to access it using a PC device, navigate to its command prompt and type “IPCONFIG.” Check the Default Gateway, and you will see your IP address there.

Next, once you have entered the IP address, you can access the login display page. Use your admin login detail. You can use “at admin” on the bottom of the router device, then hit the enter button.

Once you are successful, you now have access to your AT&T router. You can now make any changes to this configuration page. For example, you may now see different selections for the Password, SSID, and other boot devices.


How to Find Out Your AT&T Router Device IP Address?

To find out the IP address of an AT&T router device, go to its Network and then select Connected Devices. Next, select the device and scroll to its Device Info tab to check the IP address details.


Accessing AT&T, like any other router or internet service provider, is very simple. All you need is to ensure you have an active and stable internet access/connection and that the AT&T devices are connected to a PC, Laptop, and any other smart device.