How to Log In To Your Arris Modem, Router, and Gateway

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There can be many reasons to log in to your Arris Modem. It can include changing the login credential details and creating guest networks, SSID, and other default settings on your wireless setup. 

You can follow the below step-by-step instructions to log in to your Arris Modem, wireless router settings, and Garetway for the desired function.

How to Log in to Your Arris Modem?

To access the Arris modem via the Arris web interface on your web browser/Arris router login page, you will need the following:

  • An internet browser application.
  • An Arris internet device,
  • Access to the Arris internet via LAN or Wi-Fi.

Next, follow the below easy steps to log in to the Arris modem:



Access to the Arris Router

First, ensure you have access and can connect to the Arris router to reach its setup page/control panel. You can do that via a LAN Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi access. To access it via Wi-Fi, you will need the login credentials – default username/password. If you need help remembering the details, you can always connect via the Ethernet cable, which does not require login credentials.



Navigate to in Your Internet Browser

Next, you need an internet browser. Open any browser and enter the default IP address/Arris IP address, Arris devices’ most common IP address. If this doesn’t work, look for the router’s IP address on your router model to get your router’s login credentials.



Enter the login details

Lastly, enter your login details on the setup page. The login details must be mentioned on the Arris router for this to enable, or contact the ISP from whom you purchased the Arris device.

How to Log In To Your Arris Modem, Router, and Gateway – FAQs

Why Can’t I Access My Arris Device?

The main reason for failing to enter the setup page could be the incorrect login details. Use the correct details, or contact your ISP (internet service provider) for further help with your internet connection/wireless device.


Logging in to your Arris router is very simple and quick. All you need is to arrange the above things, and you are ready. Remember to save your login details somewhere safe, as you may require them occasionally. Lastly, don’t forget to contact your ISP if you face any issues.