Orbi purple light – causes, meaning, and how to fix

Here are a few methods that can make the purple light on Orbi disappear.

Orbi purple light

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If you’re facing the Orbi purple light issue and want to learn how to fix it, we’ve got you covered right here.

If you see a purple light on your Orbi router, it means the device is unable to connect to the internet. And if you see the same purple light on an Orbi satellite, it means the satellite can not sync with the router, which also sometimes causes a blue light on Orbi. Normally, this light should go away on its own after a few hours. But if it doesn’t, you will have to troubleshoot the issue yourself.

To help you out, we’re going to explain the causes of the purple light on Orbi, along with how you can fix it quickly.

What causes the Orbi purple light issue?

Here are a few possible reasons behind the purple light on Orbi router or satellite.

  • Internet outage.
  • Damaged or loose cables.
  • Outdated or corrupt firmware.
  • Incorrect placement of devices.
  • The router can not sync with the satellite.
  • Temporary bug or glitch.
  • Hardware failure.

How to fix the Orbi purple light issue

Here are a few methods that can quickly make the purple light on Orbi disappear.



Make sure there isn’t an internet outage in your area

A local outage or an ongoing server maintenance in your area may be the reason behind the purple light on Orbi, and this can be checked through the Netgear status page. If there’s something going on, there’s nothing you can really do except wait.



Power cycle your devices

If a temporary bug or glitch is the reason behind the purple light on your router or satellite, you need to perform a power cycle. This is different from a regular restart, and it won’t mess with any of your custom settings. 

Here’s how you can power cycle your device.

  • Turn off your router and satellites.
  • Remove the cable from the devices and power outlets.
  • Wait for three minutes and plug everything back in.
  • Wait another three minutes and turn on the devices.



Examine the cables

If the cables connecting the router to the modem are damaged or not connected properly, you will get a purple light on your Orbi router. In such a case, you need to disconnect every cable from the router and connect it again to make sure they are inserted properly. If that doesn’t fix the issue, try using new cables just to be on the safe side. It will also be wise to clean the inside of the ports, as dust and debris can sometimes prevent the cables from connecting properly. 



Update your devices

If you haven’t updated your Orbi router or satellites in a while, now would be the right time to do so. Running the devices on outdated firmware can prevent them from functioning properly, which leads to different errors. You may be seeing the purple light due to outdated or corrupted firmware, so you need to download and install the latest one.

  • Log in to your Orbi account.
  • Go to Advanced settings and then expand Administration.
  • Click on Firmware Update and download the latest updates from here.

Don’t turn off the device while it’s updating, as this can corrupt the files and lead to more errors.



Make sure the units are not too far away

If you’re seeing a purple light on Orbi satellite, it may be because it’s placed too far from the router or other nodes. You need to keep it within the range and away from thick walls as they might interfere with the connection. So, bring the devices closer and see if that makes the purple light disappear.



Resync the devices

The purple Orbi light can also appear if your router and satellite are unable to sync properly. This, in most cases, can be fixed quickly by simply resyncing them.  

  • Press the sync button on your router, which can be found on the back.
  • Now, press the sync button on your satellite within two minutes.

If you see a blinking white light on the satellite, it means it’s in the process of syncing with the router. And if the process is successful, you’ll see a blue light on the devices. But if you see a yellow or orange light, it means the connection is weak. To fix this, try bringing the devices closer to each other.



Add new primary and secondary IP address

If you have a pi-hole on your network, you might have only specified the primary DNS while setting up the router in AP mode. To fix it, set up a new DNS server and add both primary and secondary IP addresses.



Factory reset your Orbi router

If none of the above-mentioned methods worked, your last resort is to factory reset your Orbi router. This will take the router back to its default settings.

  • Take a small pin inside a pinhole that can be found on the back of the router to press the reset button.
  • Hold the button for around 15 seconds, and then let go.

After a few minutes, the device will reset, and the purple light will hopefully be gone now. However, you will have to set up the router again as your custom settings will no longer be there. 



Seek help from Netgear

Even if a factory reset has failed to make the purple light on Orbi disappear, then there’s a problem with your device that only technicians can fix. For this, you need to get in touch with Netgear and seek help from them. They will most likely ask you to send your unit to them, after which they will either replace it or ask you to get a new one if the current router is beyond repair. 

How do you fix solid magenta light on Orbi?

The solid magenta or purple light on Orbi can be fixed by power cycling the devices, reconnecting the cables, updating the firmware, or performing a factory reset.

Why is my Orbi router not connecting to the internet?

Your Orbi router may not be connecting to the internet due to a locate outage or a temporary bug or glitch. In some cases, the issue can also be caused due to hardware failure.


The Orbi purple light issue can appear for anyone, but it’s something that can be fixed quickly through different methods. First, you should try power cycling your device, as that is the quickest way to make the light disappear if it’s being caused due to a bug or glitch. If that doesn’t do the job, inspect the cables, update your devices, and resync them. But if everything fails, there might be a hardware failure. In such a case, you need to get in touch with Netgear’s support team.

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