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Are Smart Scales Worth It?

Considering smart scales? Here's what you need to know

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on May 10, 2023
are smart scales worth it
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Many homes have the scale tucked away somewhere in bathrooms or bedrooms. Some might not want to use it, but this device has its uses, mainly if you keep track of your body weight or weight loss progress.

But smart scales are different as they can measure a lot more than just your body weight. And with these additional features, these smart devices come with hefty price tags. 

So, let’s find out whether you should buy them or not. 

What’s a Smart Scale? 

Smart scales have been around for some time now. Initially, these smart scales could only trade your weight data to your smartphone. But you were able to create a digital record of your body weight.

However, with time, more features are introduced. These include body fat percentage, BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, bone mass, and other features. So, it’s a device that can help you in your weight loss regime and obesity treatment. 

Are Smart Scales Actually Accurate?

You need to go for a quality unit if you want accuracy in your results. In a study, researchers compared the measurements taken by three high-quality smart scales with those taken by a DEXA scan

A DEXA scan is a device that healthcare professionals use to measure body compositions and is highly accurate. However, the study found none of the three smart scales were correct compared to the DEXA scan. 

The purpose of the study was to highlight that there is a difference in accuracy, and you should consider that each time you measure your weight using your smart scale. 

Pros & Cons of Smart Scale



These smart scales come with a wide variety of features. For example, they can maintain data for up to 10 individuals and share it with various devices. 


With time, these smart scales are becoming more and more accurate. 


These smart scales are easy to use, just like your traditional scale. It will gather all the data from its sensors. 


These smart sales come in a wide variety of designs; being slick is one of the most prominent design features. 



You will need batteries to power these smart scales. But you might not need to change them any time soon. 


These smart scales come with a massive price tag if you compare them with their traditional counterparts. You also get plenty of features that their traditional counterparts don’t offer. 


Whether these smart scales are helpful for you is more of a personal decision. However, a conventional scale is much cheaper, so you pay more for some extra features. It is more about your personal preferences and how seriously you take your health. 

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