How To Go Live With Twitch

How To Go Live On Twitch

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Twitch has become a massive streaming option for people that want to share their expertise with others and gain followers and subscribers. Twitch is owned by Amazon and has around 7.5 million live streamers each day.

If you already have a YouTube channel, you may be considering using Twitch to stream. Firstly, you’ll need to create an account on Twitch.

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Go to and click the “Sign Up” button in the upper-right corner. Fill out your information and enter a password.


Streaming Smart Devices

Android only features include the ability to use the microphone, as well as the ability to overlay notifications.



Turn Off Notifications And Make Sure No Personal Information Will Show

When streaming from a mobile device ensure you don’t show personal information like phone numbers, email addresses, etc. when you stream. Also, make sure to turn off the ‘do-not-disturb’ feature on your phone before streaming.



Configure Stream Manager

Then tap the stream manager icon which takes you to the stream manager. In the stream manager, you can change your settings or see detailed information about the alerts for follows, bits and subs.



Streaming On Device

You can also chat directly with your audience, allowing for a handy interactive experience. To begin streaming simply tap ‘start stream’ Tap the x in the bubble to close out the stream manager and return to the game.

Make sure to manually end the capture when you’re done streaming! Tap the stream manager and tap the red End Stream Button to end the stream.


Streaming from PC

Streamers use software called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to broadcast from their computer. This software allows them to control their video camera, microphone, and other devices connected to their computer.

Some people prefer using this program over others because it offers many features and functions. other programs include apple tv, xsplit etc.



Download OBS

First, download the software from the official website, then after installing it on your pc/mac, open twitch studio and log into your twitch account. You will then see an onboarding instruction which will explain the process to connect the webcam and mic.



Personalize Stream

The app can also help you to personalise your stream using different scenes and features of your choice. in addition, whilst on-air users are able to enable twitch notifications and utilise chat boxes, from within the application.

You can play around with these and change them to get the best during your Livestream. You can start streaming by clicking “start stream” at the bottom of the Twitch studio app.



Choose Game And Category

You can also choose your stream category, type your Livestream title and click “go live”. that’s it! whether you want to live stream your favourite game, or just go live for casual chat streams, you now know everything needed to quickly broadcast on twitch

Gaining Popularity

Streamers often rely on people watching, liking and sharing your live stream. When streaming, make sure to tell people about your stream. Encourage them to watch. Keep them updated on what time you’re going live.

Post dates and times of your show on social media and your Twitch page. Make sure to set up a schedule beforehand. Twitch is also an interactive streaming platform.

You can interact with your viewers by reading their messages, interacting with them via emotes, and giving shout-outs to your favourite channels.

In Summary

As you stream regularly and build an audience, Twitch can help support your art with additional income. Fans can subscribe to your channel to watch your content without commercials.

You can also earn money by running ads on your channel which can provide a useful additional income.