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What to do with an old iPad

Older devices can still be useful - here's some ideas
Last Updated on September 23, 2022
iPAd Air 2020 - what to do with an old iPad
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You’ve upgraded your tablet, and you end up thinking: what to do with your old iPad. We want to help you avoid tech waste and rethink this piece of equipment in some ingenious ways that will end up being the center of attention for lots of reunions.

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Give it to your kids

You can only imagine the infinite amount of learning apps available on an old iPad. Give your kids a new way to learn, while enjoying and spending a good time. Besides, if you want to teach them to read, a good old iPad it’s one of the best and cheapest (free) options.

Use your old iPad to play retro iOS games

You don’t need to occupy any space on your brand-new iPad for this all-time love of retro games. Use your old tablet as a retro gaming center and enjoy afternoons of good old fashion gaming. You can always let your anger be against that old iPad

Wall mount your iPad in your kitchen

Some people like having recipe books and making shopping lists on a piece of paper; you can do it on your old iPad. You can purchase a Surface Mount and let your iPad in your kitchen, download paprika or any other recipe app, and cook as easily as swiping down.

Also, you can have your supermarket apps installed there so you start organizing tasks, at least in the kitchen. As a side note, Spotify or Apple Music is always a good app to have on your kitchen iPad.

Use your old iPad as a nightstand clock/alarm

You can find a really cheap mount for your iPad to put on your nightstand. Download an app to use as a clock or weather tracker (something like living earth will do) and there you go, you’ll have an overprice alarm clock and weather tracker. Again, you can play your sleeping music there without eating the battery of your phone or new device.

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