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How to Update Nvidia Shield – step-by-step

We take you through the steps you need

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on May 16, 2023
Nvidia shield update - system upgrade
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Android TV is a platform that needs you to update it regularly. And to ensure you get the best experience, you must update your Nvidia Shield too. Now the question is, how can you update your Nvidia Shield TV? 

Updating Nvidia Shield

You first have to check to see whether you need any updates or not. The process is a bit like checking for app updates on an Android smartphone using the Google Play store.

Here are the steps that you will need to follow:



Go to Settings

From your home screen on your Shield TV, you need to scroll down right to the bottom and select Settings.



Go to About

If you have selected the Setting, from here, you need to select “About” by scrolling through the menu and reaching the end.



Select System Upgrade

After choosing About from Settings, you need to select System Upgrade, which will be the first entry in the next menu that will be displayed.



Checking for Upgrade

The system will check if any update is available for download. If no update is available for download, you can end the process.



Apply the Upgrade

If an Upgrade is available, you will need to let the system download, install, or apply.



Automatically Download & Install Upgrades

Select to allow the upgrades to download automatically and install on their own. You can turn this feature off at some later stage.

Why update your Shield TV system?

Updating your Shield TV system is essential because the applications will run smoother, and the update will work without any problem on your system. 

Moreover, if you have to connect many devices, these updates also upgrade the system to make it more secure. So, these updates are as critical for your Shield TV as they are essential for any other platform. 


Make sure you keep your Nvidia Shield TV fully updated at all times. It is best to turn on automatic updates, so they can be downloaded by your system as soon as they are available. 

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