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What channel is MLB on Spectrum? Updated for 2024

Here's the channel number of the baseball channel on Spectrum!
Last Updated on March 6, 2024
Which channel does mlb air on Spectrum?
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Wondering what channel is MLB on Spectrum? We have got you covered right here. 

MLB is one of the most popular sports channels and is available with Spectrum cable TV plans. It focuses solely on baseball and is currently available to more than 30 million households in the US. On top of that, it was also among the top 100 most-watched channels in the country last year. But when it comes to its channel number on Spectrum, it depends on where you’re trying to tune in from. This is because it’s different for every city, so you won’t be able to find it in the same spot everywhere.

To help you out, we’re going to talk about what channel MLB is on Spectrum and share a complete list of channel numbers for every state and city. 

MLB channel number on Spectrum

City/StateChannel Number
• Albany, NY
• Anaheim, CA
• Buffalo, NY
• Charlotte, NC
• Corpus Christi, TX
• Durham, NC
• El Paso, TX
• Los Angeles, CA
• New York, NY
• Raleigh, NC
• San Antonio, TX
• Cincinnati, OH
• Cleveland, OH
• Milwaukee, WI
• Lexington, KY
• Louisville, KY
• Birmingham, AL
• Indianapolis, IN
• Montgomery, AL
• San Diego, CA
Austin, TX95
Bakersfield, CA111
Columbus, OH97
Dallas, TX31
Kansas City, MO92
Long Beach, CA418
Reno, NV81

Spectrum cable TV plans – is MLB included with all of them?

Spectrum has a total of three plans to choose from. On top of that, there are a number of add-ons that you can get, which unlock some additional channels. As for MLB, it is a part of the Sports View add-on, which will cost you $7 per month and give you access to several sports channels. 

Are there any other sports channels on Spectrum?

MLB is a dedicated baseball channel, and you can’t find a channel like it on Spectrum. However, there are a bunch of other channels that focus on different sports, such as basketball, football, and even baseball. You can learn more about them below.


Now that you know what channel MLB is on Spectrum, you’d want to go ahead and add it to your Favorites. This way, you’ll be able to tune in quickly. Also, do remember that Spectrum can change the channel number of MLB at any time, so make sure to check back here for the latest one if that happens.

If you turn on your TV and can’t find MLB anywhere, it may be because it is not available in your region. But if you checked and learned that it is available, then it may be temporarily disabled in your area. In such a case, it will be wise to contact Spectrum support and let them know about the issue.

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