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Best 85-inch TV in 2023 – our top picks

Check out some of the best big screen 85-inch TVs.
Last Updated on September 6, 2023
best 85-inch TVs

If you are looking for the best 85-inch TV to create the ultimate cinematic setup at home, we’ve got you covered right here.

85-inch TVs are, of course, characterized by their huge dimensions, and are designed to completely elevate your home entertainment setup. They’re typically paired with home theatre systems and come with the latest technology, such as OLED, QD-OLED, and more.

Now on the whole, 85-inch TVs are expensive, largely due to their size, however, there are a number of options available depending on what type of panel technology or features you want with your selection.

On the lower end of the scale, you’ll find 85-inch TVs that typically pack 60hz refresh rates, 4K, and LED panels. The likes of Hisense and TCL produce some fantastic, reasonably priced TVs like this at this size, and they are great for everyday viewing, movie nights, and more casual gaming.

On the higher end, you’ll get options from Samsung, Sony, and LG – all of which will be more premium offerings, such as OLED displays, that are simply stunning. Expect to spend big though, as these don’t come cheap – mind you we’re expecting some impressive Black Friday 85-inch TV deals to roll in later this year…

We’ve used our expertise to select what we think is a good range of 85-inch TVs for different budgets and usages, including gaming. Let’s take a look at what’s out there, and help you find your ultimate TV for your home.

Products at a Glance

How we pick

Considering the cost and the size, an 85-inch TV is quite an investment. To help you make an informed choice, our experts have picked some of the best 85-inch TVs out there. These picks are based on the picture quality, price-to-feature ratio, and other features that the TVs offer. We keep updating the round-up frequently, so keep checking back for new updates. If you’re looking for large TVs in other sizes, you can check out the best 75-inch TVs and the best 70-inch TVs.

Our Recommended

Best 85-inch TV in 2023 – our top picks

  • Neo QLED display deliver better contrast
  • 4K resolution at 120Hz
  • Dedicated gaming hub
  • Quite expensive

This smart TV is at the top of the hill and is our recommended product if you want the best all-around TV for watching movies/TV shows and sports and for gaming.

The Samsung TV features a Neo QLED display, which delivers more precise images than QLED panels. As Neo QLED TVs are backed by mini-LEDs, they tend to have better dimming and contrast.

The 4K resolution also adds to the overall picture quality, making images sharper and more detailed on the 85-inch screen, while the 120Hz refresh rate and fast response times ensure incredibly smooth motion with minimal blur when gaming and watching fast-paced content.

If you have a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you’ll find gaming on this Samsung TV an absolutely amazing experience. The input lag is very low, and the updated HDMI input ports allow you to play games in 4K resolution at 120Hz for the most immersive and smoothest gaming experience possible.

Setting up the TV is hassle-free, with its sleek and slim design making it easy to move around in your room. It has a nice user interface and supports Bixby and Amazon Alexa for convenient voice control.

  • 4K resolution at 120Hz
  • VRR support
  • Dedicated Game Menu
  • Rather simple design

If you want the best option for PS5 and gaming in general, get this Sony 4K TV, which comes with several gaming-related features.

Unlike the other products listed here, this TV includes features exclusive to the PS5, giving it an advantage in the gaming category. The Auto HDR Tone Mapping improves the picture quality when gaming, while the Auto Genre Picture Mode automatically adjusts the settings when going from watching movies to gaming. The TV also offers a dedicated Game Menu that brings all your game settings to an easy-to-use interface. 

In addition to the PS5 exclusive features, the TV has low input lag and fast response times to enhance your games. Plus, you get VRR support, which helps eliminate screen tearing and stuttering. With the updated HDMI ports, you can play games in 4K resolution at 120Hz for the best gaming experience.

Coming to the overall picture quality, you get a display that is backed by a full array LED contrast, which delivers high contrast with deep blacks and peak brightness. Further, the TV features a wide spectrum of colors, which is tweaked by XR Triluminos Pro. 

Whether you prefer fast-paced games or single-player games with vibrant graphics, Sony’s TV might be a good fit for your gaming setup – especially if you have a PS5. While you’re here, you might want to check out the best gaming TVs, so you know what TVs are available out there.

  • Almost bezel-less design
  • Multiple HDR formats supported
  • Supports AMD FreeSync
  • 60Hz refresh rate

This TCL product is the best 85-inch TV if your budget is a constraint and want to keep your expenses as close to $1,000 as possible. And considering the limited budget, TCL does pack in a bunch of impressive features in this TV.

The 4K TV is backed by a QLED panel, which is a fine point between OLED and LED. The QLED panel in this TV promises an ultrawide color gamut, which should deliver detailed, life-like images. Further, the TVs in TCL’s Q6 lineup have HighBright Direct LED Backlight, so you can expect brighter pictures. Plus, the TV also supports multiple HDR formats, including Dolby Vision and HDR10, for better contrast. It also runs Google TV, with a simple and fast interface, and allows for hands-free control through Amazon Alexa.

As far as gaming is concerned, you get ALLM for low latency, which is further enhanced by AMD FreeSync for a better gaming experience. It also has a Game Accelerator feature that boosts your games to 120Hz. With that being said, it should be noted that the TV has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which means you cannot go 4K at 120Hz. 

Overall, this 4K TV is not going to blow you away with a long list of features, but it’s an excellent option if you want a more affordable 85-inch TV. 

  • QLED with Dual LED backlight
  • Quantum HDR for high contrast
  • 4K upscaling
  • 60Hz refresh rate

If your budget is under $2,000, we recommend the Samsung 85-inch QLED Q60B TV, which packs a serious punch when it comes to both design and performance. 

Samsung’s TV comes with a QLED display, which provides better visuals than LED TVs and is more energy-efficient than OLED TVs. Plus, this TV features Dual LED backlights, which aim to deliver realistic pictures with dedicated cool and warm backlights. To enhance the visuals more, the TV also has Quantum HDR, which has a wider range of color and contrast. And the Quantum Processor Lite, which is embedded into the TV, upscales content to 4K automatically. 

As far as gaming is concerned, you get limited features. It has a 60Hz refresh rate, which is suitable for occasional and casual gaming. To give you a better gaming experience, the TV has a Motion Xcelerator feature, which should give you smoother movement.

All in all, this product is worth the money if you want an all-around TV with a very large screen but don’t want to spend more than $2,000. It has great picture quality with a bunch of handy features, which might make it a great fit for most people. 

  • Stunning 8K display
  • Almost bezel-less design
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • 8K content, in general, is still lacking

This Samsung TV is the best option if you don’t want to compromise picture quality at all. This Samsung TV brings you 8K resolution in an 85-inch screen and with a stunning, almost-bezel-less screen that gives you an edge-to-edge picture. To add to its aesthetic appeal, it comes with ‘Slim One Connect,’ which is a hidden box that tucks away all your cables. 

Compared to 4K, the 8K resolution offers even clearer and sharper images, allowing you to see more details in every scene. Plus, the QLED display is powered by Quantum Mini LEDs, which should deliver depth to textures and colors. Further, the Neural Quantum Processor automatically tweaks the content being shown on the TV. Additionally, the viewing angles are wide, allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies even if you don’t sit directly in front of the screen.

For gaming an 8K TV, for some, may be overkill right now. But you won’t be disappointed if you use this TV for PC or console gaming. It has fast response times and low input lag and also supports 120Hz for smoother motion handling when playing first-person shooters, racing games, and other fast-paced games. Plus, this TV comes with a gaming hub, which is an easy-to-use interface for games, apps, and more.

Although 8K content is not yet widely available, there is no harm in buying an 8K TV now for futureproofing if you have the money to spend. If that’s exactly what you’re thinking, then feel free to splurge on this TV.

How to pick the best 85-inch TV

If you’re looking to buy an 85-inch TV, you’re probably looking to have a home theatre experience. For a cinematic experience, you should consider getting a TV with high resolution, a suitable display type, a decent refresh rate, and other specs that meet your demands.

Here’s what you should consider before getting an 85-inch TV.

Display Type

You will find 85-inch TVs with different display technologies like LED, OLED, QLED, Neo QLED, and more. OLED TVs are considered to be the best kinds of displays that deliver highly realistic and vibrant picture quality. However, OLEDs tend to be expensive. So go for this type if you have a big budget and do not want to compromise on visual quality.

QLED TVs and Neo QLED TVs are more budget-friendly than OLED TVs. Basically, these two display types deliver a picture quality that comes near to OLED but uses energy-efficient backlights with Quantum Dots. Meanwhile, Neo QLED can be considered an enhanced version of QLED – it uses mini LEDs, which, in turn, delivers better dimming and contrasts.

Finally, LED TVs are probably the most budget-friendly option. While picture quality and colors are not as good as the QLEDs and OLEDs, LED TVs are better suited to well-lit rooms due to their brightness.

Each display type has its own advantages, so depending on your requirements and budget, you can opt for a display type.


As 85-inch TVs are really big, you will have to opt for a higher resolution to get that immersive picture quality. Usually, you will find a lot of 85-inch TVs with 4K resolution, which should deliver excellent and clear visuals. However, if you have the budget and are looking to future-proof, you can opt for 8K resolution.

HDR Support

To enhance the visual experience, look for a TV that supports multiple HDR formats. An HDR-enabled TV will deliver better contrast – so you will see deeper blacks, high brightness, and overall better colors.

Refresh Rate

Usually, TVs have a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is sufficient for most people. Some gaming-oriented TVs and high-end models have a 120Hz refresh rate, which delivers smoother visuals for games, sports content, and anything fast-paced. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose a suitable refresh rate.

In addition to this, you can look for gaming-related features like VRR support, ALLM, dedicated game mode, and more if you’re planning to play games.

Our Verdict

If you have to buy an 85-inch TV today, we’d recommend getting the Samsung Class Neo QLED TV as it is a suitable balance of price and features. The TV has a Neo QLED display, which is a sweet spot between OLED and QLED. Compared to QLED, Neo QLED delivers finer details due to the mini-LED backlights. In an 85-inch TV, this display should enhance the picture quality, contrast, and depth. Plus, the TV comes with an updated HDMI input that enables you to play games in 4K at 120Hz. Overall, you can use this Samsung TV for watching as well as gaming within a reasonable price range.