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Best 8K TV in 2024 – the top 8K resolution TVs

Check out some of the best 8K TVs on the market
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Best 8k tv

If you’re searching for the best 8K TV, we have you covered right here.

While 4K TVs are quite common these days, 8K TVs are yet to achieve that kind of wide availability. However, there are quite a few 8K options if you want to future-proof your entertainment setup.

Before you start looking for an 8K TV, it is worth noting that there is not much 8K content available, so mostly, you will end up watching upscaled content. This is why you should ensure that you’re getting a TV with powerful chipsets that can greatly enhance 4K or even FHD content.

If you’re planning to play games on your TV, then 8K can be a bit of overkill, since there are not many video games that are actually 8K. However, much like your videos, your games can also be upscaled.

As of now, there are quite a few 8K TVs available out there – and they come in various sizes and feature different display technologies. We’ve selected what we think are some of the best 8K TVs on the market today, so you can kick off your search in the best way possible.

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How we picked

For this guide, we have looked into 8K TVs available on the market and selected the ones that we think are the best ones. We have picked these TVs based on specs like display technology, screen size, gaming-related features, and other important aspects. Also, we’re always keeping an eye out for new products to add to our guide and keep it updated regularly – so do check back here again soon.


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  • 8K Neo QLED display
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Infinity Screen
  • Expensive

If you want one of the best 8K TVs available on the market, you should check out this TV from the Samsung Q900C series. Specifically, we will be looking at the 85-inch model, which we think can be a strong contender for the best 85-inch TVs.

The TV features a Neo QLED display that is backed by Quantum Matrix and mini-LEDs, which promise to deliver incredibly precise visuals. Plus, the TV comes with a Neural Quantum Processor 8K, so you should be able to view optimized 8K content as well as content that is upscaled to almost 8K quality. You also get HDR support with Neo Quantum HDR 8K, which should give you a life-like realistic contrast. And for your sound, the TV has Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound, which should deliver an enwrapping audio experience.

As far as appearance is concerned, the TV sports an Infinity Screen that is almost edge-less, which should enhance the overall immersion. And to fit in better with your setup, the TV comes with a ‘one connect’ box that hides all your cables into one tiny box. Plus, the TV has an anti-glare screen that allows for wider viewing angles, so you should get a clear picture from any angle in the room.

If you like to play games on your TV, then this 8K TV comes with quite a few useful features. The TV has a 120Hz refresh rate. so you should be able to run even the most demanding games stutter-free. With Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro, this refresh rate can go up to 144Hz, if you have a compatible PC. Plus, the Samsung Gaming Hub brings all these gaming-related settings under one easy-to-use interface.

  • 8K mini-LED display
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • VRR support
  • Not many 8K games available
  • Expensive

If you are looking for an 8K TV to play video games, then this 8K TV from Sony might be a great choice.

The 65-inch TV features a mini-LED display, which should deliver better color and contrast than a regular LED TV. Plus, the TV features Cognitive Processor XR and XR Backlight Master Drive, both of which promise to give deeper blacks and high brightness levels along with good contrast. In addition to this, you get 8K resolution, which should deliver sharper and more detailed picture quality than a 4K TV.

With that being said, at the moment, 8K can be an overkill for gaming. However, the TV shares quite a few impressive specs with that of some of the best gaming TVs.

For gaming, the TV has a Game Menu, which brings all your gaming picture settings under one interface. As is the case with some of the best Sony TVs, this one, too, comes with PS5-exclusive features, like HDR Tone Mapping, which should be useful if you have a PS5.

To play your games, you get a 120Hz refresh rate, which should run demanding games smoothly. You also get HDMI 2.1 features, which should enable you to play in 4K at 120Hz. And with VRR support and ALLM, your gaming experience should be great.

As far as streaming is concerned, the TV comes with Google TV and Apple AirPlay, so you should be able to access your favorite shows across multiple streaming apps in one place. Plus, you can also watch high-quality movies through the Bravia Core app.

Another noteworthy feature that this TV has is the Bravia Cam, which enables you to make video calls. It comes with gesture controls and Ambient Optimization Pro, which should give you easy controls and an optimal video call experience.

  • 4K QNED display
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos
  • No VRR support

If you want a “budget” 8K TV, then we think that this LG QNED TV might be a great fit.

The TV has a 65-inch QNED display, which is LG’s combination of mini-LEDs, quantum dots, and NanoCells that promises to deliver better brightness levels and depth. It also has Full Array Dimming Pro, so you can expect better contrasts with deeper blacks and brighter colors. In addition to this, you get an 8K resolution, which is two times better than 4K, which should deliver clear and sharp visuals.

The TV is equipped with a9 Gen 4 AI processor 8K, which promises to optimize 8K content as well as upscale non-8K content to near 8K quality. Along with this, the processor also has AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro, which should deliver smoother visuals and immersive audio. And to blend in with your home theatre, the TV comes with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, so you should expect an enwrapping experience.

For entertainment, you can access popular streaming apps like Netflix, so you should be able to access your shows and movies easily. As far as controls are concerned, you get a remote along with support for voice assistants like Alexa.

If you like playing video games on your TV, then this TV has a bunch of useful features. To start with, you get a refresh rate of 120Hz, which is more than sufficient to run all your latest AAA games. Plus, you get ALLM, which ensures that you have a lag-free gaming experience.

If you have your heart set on this screen-size, but don’t mind forgoing the 8K, we’d recommend checking out our picks for the best 65-inch TVs.

  • Stunning gallery design
  • Powerful processor (a9 Gen 5)
  • Unbeatable contrast
  • Packs all the gaming features you need
  • Likely one of the most expensive TVs on the market today
  • Overkill if you're not using it for gaming

If you’re looking for the best OLED 8K TV, we think the LG Signature 88-inch Class OLED Z2 Series is worth considering.

Now first things first…this TV is super expensive, and is a serious investment – but it packs a punch and then some. First off, this TV comes in at a whopping 88 inches which will take your immersion to the next level. What’s more, you can do so without having to wall mount it, as this TV comes with its own super sleek, gallery-like stand, that we think makes it look more like an art installation than a TV.

This TV also has all the features you’d expect from some of the best TVs for gaming, and the likes of LG’s C-series. You’re getting a 120hz refresh rate, VRR, ALLM, and adaptive sync technology to reduce screen tearing. Combine this with low input lag, and you’ve got a responsive TV that’ll be excellent for pairing with a PS5, Xbox Series X, or powerful gaming PC.

In terms of the screen itself, the big thing here is that it’s OLED. What that means is that instead of having a traditionally backlit TV, the screen itself contains self-illuminating pixels. What that means is that they can go completely black, which makes the best OLED TVs unbeatable when it comes to contrast.

When it comes to content, TV packs an a9 GEN 5 AI PROCESSOR 8K, that will intelligently upscale 4K content that looks like 8K. That’s good while we all wait for more native 8K content to hit the scene.

Overall, this is an absolute beast of an 8K TV and one we’d recommend if you’re looking for a luxury addition to your home.

How to pick the best 8K TV

While browsing the market for the best 8K TV, here are a few things to consider.

Display Size

To determine the right display size for your TV, you need to do some quick math. Measure the distance between your TV and your seating arrangement in inches, and then divide the resulting number by two. For example, if the distance is 100 inches, then the suitable TV size should be around 50 inches. Of course, this is just for reference, and you can go a size up or a size down, depending on your requirements.

Display Type

In general, there are three common display types – LED, QLED, and OLED. To make shopping easier for you, we’d quickly explain the types of displays.

LED is the most common type of display, and it is widely available – so you will find an LED TV within your budget. These TVs use backlights – direct full array or on the edges. While the picture quality is not as stunning as OLED, these TVs do deliver decent contrast with local dimming.

QLED displays are an improvement over the regular LED displays. QLED TVs make use of backlights, just like LED TVs. However, QLED TVs have quantum dots, which give you better brightness levels, contrast, and overall better picture quality. With that being said, some brands have their own take on QLED technology. For instance, some of the best LG TVs have QNED displays, which is LG’s tweaked version of QLED.

OLED TVs are often considered the best kind of displays, and they’re also the most expensive ones on the market. OLED TVs are powered by self-lit pixels, which result in stunning picture quality and high contrast.

In addition to this, there are QD-OLED TVs, which are a combination of OLED and QLED. The best QD-OLED TVs are bright, like QLED TVs, and deliver stunning picture quality like OLED TVs.

Gaming Features

As of today, 8K is a bit of an overkill for playing video games. But the TVs do have some impressive features, like a high refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 ports, which should make playing games a pleasure. So if you are looking for the best 8K TV for gaming, look out for features like 120Hz refresh rate, VRR support, and ALLM.

Frequently asked questions

Now there are a lot of questions people have around 8K TVs, so let’s clear up a few things so you can be as informed as possible.

Are 8K TVs worth buying?

Honestly, they are worth it, but only if you’re not planning on buying a new TV at all in the next 5 – 7 years and want to ensure you have everything you need for when 8K gaming and 8K films, and streaming could become more available. While we have picked out what we think are the best 8K TVs on the market, we also think that 4K TVs are much more worth it and offer more value for money than an 8K TV at this time.

What is the disadvantage of an 8K TV?

There’s very little 8K content available at the time of writing, making 8K TVs slightly overkill for most people. The jury is still very much out as to when 8K content will start arriving, but we’d estimate around 5 – 7 years time. They’re also very expensive, as you would have noted from our selection.



Our Verdict

After having a look at several 8K TVs available on the market, we’d think that the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV from the QN900C lineup checks a lot of boxes. The 85-inch TV sports a Neo QLED display that is powered by Quantum Matrix and mini-LEDs, so you can expect amazing picture quality and contrast. Plus, you get a stunning 8K resolution, which should deliver incredibly detailed visuals. Perhaps, one of the highlights here is the Infinity Screen that is practically bezel-less, which should enhance your overall immersion. For gaming, too, this TV offers quite a few impressive specs, including the 120Hz refresh rate and ALLM.