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Best TV for gaming in 2024 – the top gaming TVs available today

Here are the best gaming TVs you can get today.

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on January 4, 2024

If you’re looking for the best TV for gaming, we’ve got you covered right here.

Gaming TVs are relatively new additions to the market and started appearing when the PS5 and Xbox Series X were released a few years ago. They are characterized by their higher refresh rates, HDMI 2.1 compatibility, 4K resolution, and other gaming features that work to enhance on-screen motion and prevent screen tearing – such as Nvidia G-Sync, AMD FreeSync, VRR, and ALLM. They also have very low input lag for a more responsive feel, many of which are akin to some of the best gaming monitors.

Finding the right gaming TV for you and your chosen platform can be challenging, so we’ve selected what we think are the best TVs for gaming PCs and consoles to put you on the right track.

Here you’ll find TVs that tick all the boxes and are all compatible with PS5, Xbox Series X, older-gen consoles like PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and gaming PCs – and we’ve included selections for a range of budgets too.

So let’s dive right in and see if we can help you pick the best gaming TV for you.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best gaming TV

We’ve researched and selected a range of TVs based on our expertise and knowledge of the gaming TV market and how closely they align to specific gaming requirements. We’re constantly on the lookout for the latest releases and update our selections frequently to ensure you’re seeing the very latest offerings from brands.

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Product Reviews

  • Low input lag
  • Stunning image quality
  • Support for HDMI 2.1, VRR, and ALLM
  • Incredible contrast
  • Minor improvements on LG C2 may not justify price tag for some

We’d say the best TV for gaming right now is the impressive LG C3. We’ve gone for the 55-inch model, which is a good size for most living spaces, but there are multiple options to go for (including a great-looking, monitor-like 42″ model).

First off, the LG C3 is one of the best LG TVs and best OLED TVs on the market today. It follows up on the hugely popular LG C2 and makes small, but meaningful improvements with brightness, chipsets, and finishing. On top of its impressive, infinite contrast OLED display, you’re also getting a brightness booster that’ll make it better when viewed in well-lit rooms.

It’s a stunning TV that delivers 120hz and 4K, making it one of the best TVs for PS5 and the best TVs for Xbox Series X for high-definition and high frames-per-second gameplay.

On top of that, it’s loaded with gaming features that keep on-screen motion super smooth. You’re getting VRR, ALLM, Nvidia G-Sync, and AMD FreeSync Premium here – all of which are typically found in the best gaming monitors too.

And when it comes to design, we think this is one of the best-looking TVs on the market today, thanks to its ultra-thin bezels and almost unbelievably thin profile.

Overall, it’s an amazing TV that packs a punch and is well worth considering if you’ve got the budget and want to take your gaming sessions to the next level.

  • HDMI 2.1 support
  • 144hz refresh rate
  • QLED with mini-LED backlight
  • AMD Freesync Premium Pro
  • Super affordable for a gaming TV
  • Not as high-contrast as OLED
  • Overkill if gaming on PS4 or Xbox Series S

We think the best budget TV for gaming is the excellent Hisense Class U7 series mini-LED.

As with many of the best Hisense TVs, this set delivers quality performance at a super reasonable price point and is loaded with gaming features. Right off the bat, you’re getting a whopping 144hz refresh rate, VRR, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for optimum gameplay even at high frames per second.

On top of that, you’re also getting 480 smooth motion, which is essentially like a frame-rate upscaling technology. It’ll make on-screen motion look even smoother than it is, which is great for gaming on older-gen consoles.

What’s more, this is a QLED TV with Mini-LED backlighting technology. What that means is that this goes super bright (1000 nits in this case) but also has precise color and contrast handling thanks to the mini-LED’s increased dimming zones.

Overall, we think this TV is an excellent choice for those looking to stick to a budget, but get a smooth, bright, and punchy experience on both console and PC.

  • Incredible price
  • Gaming PC specific features
  • Capable of 240hz/ 1080p
  • AMD Freesync Premium
  • For price point, a gaming monitor may win in terms of bang for your buck

If you’re after one of the best TVs for PC gaming, we’d say the Vizio MQX is the way to go.

What makes this TV stand apart from the crowd, and makes it one of the best Vizio TVs around, is its specific gaming PC features. Unlike many gaming TVs, this set can actually be used for 1080p/ 240hz gaming when hooked up to a gaming rig. That’s in addition to its HDMI 2.1 support for 120hz/ 4K gaming too – just in case you feel like slumming it with a next-gen console!

As usual, you’re also getting AMD FreeSync Premium and VRR, plus ultra-low input lag too for a responsive and fluid gaming experience. Add that to a super sleek design, WiFI 6E for lag-free online gaming, and a reasonable price tag, and you’ve got a great TV for PC gaming in our eyes.

  • Great size for a desktop setup
  • 120hz/ 4K
  • Phenomenal picture quality and motion handling
  • More affordable than the LG C3
  • Slightly less bright than the C3
  • Plenty of 42" OLED monitor alternatives available now

If you’re looking for the best OLED TV for gaming (for most people) we’d suggest the LG C2 42″.

This TV is sized with gaming in mind, and fits well even onto a desk, making it a great alternative to a gaming monitor. Under the hood, you’re getting 120hz, VRR, ALLM, adaptive sync technology, and more – all of which make for an excellent gaming experience.

Visually, the OLED display is going to make games look more lifelike than you’d expect – thanks to its infinite contrast.

The size of this TV is about as perfect as you’re going to get for gaming also – as it’s not too big that it’ll put you at a competitive disadvantage when playing first-person shooters.

Overall, the LG C2 still reigns supreme in the work of gaming TVs, despite being an older model.

Buyers’ guide to finding the best TV for gaming

When it comes to finding the best TV for gaming it can be a little confusing at the best of times. Here, we’ll share some of our expert advice and guidance for navigating the gaming TVs available today and finding the right one for you.


Always go for 4K when possible. 8K is not necessary at this time as very few games will be made with 8K resolution in mind. Save your cash!

HDMI 2.1 compatibility

An absolute must if you’re gaming on PS5, Xbox Series X, or a powerful 40-series gaming PC. For older-gen consoles, you can get away with 60hz, but we would only recommend this if you don’t plan on upgrading your consoles.


Pretty much every brand is now gearing their TVs to gamers. Check out LG, Sony, and Samsung for premium options, and Hisense, TCL, and Vizio for mid-range.


Expect to pay more for a gaming TV. You’re looking at around $700 plus in most cases, but we’d advise stretching to between $1000 – $1300 for the best of the best.

Frequently asked questions

Here’s our expert take on some of the most commonly asked questions when looking for a gaming TV.

What is the best size TV for gaming?

For competitive gaming – 42-43 inches. For more immersive gaming – the bigger the better. Take a look at our other TV buying guides for 120hz/4K options below if you’re looking for something specific!

What TV screen is best for gaming?

Mini-LED if you want something with high peak brightness for a well-lit room, and OLED if you’re going for something with the best contrast and planning on gaming in a dimmer environment.

Is a smart TV good for gaming?

Many are, yes, providing they have a 120hz+ refresh rate and other gaming features like VRR, ALLM, and adaptive sync technology.

Is 120Hz TV worth it for gaming?

Yes! Especially if you’re playing o PS5 and Xbox Series X which can both output in higher frames per second.



Is OLED or LED better for gaming?

OLED screens offer more immersive and realistic visuals, but they are also more expensive. LED screens are far more affordable and reliable, but they also have some limitations in picture quality. Ultimately, this all comes down to personal preference and how far your budget can stretch.

Our Verdict

We’d say the best TV for gaming on the market today is the brilliant LG C3. Packing 120hz, VRR, ALLM, and adaptive sync technology all with a stunning OLED display for lifelike picture quality, we think if you’ve got the budget you’ll be more than happy with this TV.