What channel is the weather channel on DirecTV? Updated for 2024

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If you were wondering what channel is the Weather Channel on DirecTV, we’ve got your back.

The Weather Channel provides valuable insight regarding your city and state. So, if your locality is prone to severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, it’s crucial to be notified timely so you can prepare accordingly. It was also the 72nd most-watched channel in 2023. While that ranking might not seem impressive, it was far ahead of its competitors like AccuWeather, which was at 145th position.  

So now that we know how popular and important it is, we’ve put together this quick guide, that should to make things easier and more efficient for you by letting you know exactly where to find the Weather Channel on DirecTV. 

The Weather Channel channel number on DirecTV

Channel Channel Number
The Weather Channel362

DirecTV packages – Is the Weather Channel available with all of them?

There are multiple DirecTV packages, each offering a different number of channels with varying prices.

DirecTV PlansNo. of channelsPrice
Choice 105+$84.99

Luckily, it is a high-demand channel and is almost necessary to keep up with the weather situation in your city and state. However, it isn’t included in the “Entertainment” DirecTV package but should be in the rest.  

Are there similar channels on DirecTV?

In case you’re interested in exploring other channels like the Weather Channel that give real-time weather updates on DirecTV, there are a couple of options you can check out. These options include Fox Weather and AccuWeather and should provide valuable insight into weather conditions in your area.


We’ve reached the end of our guide, and now you should know which channel the Weather Channel is on DirecTV. Due to the nature of the information it presents, the weather channel has a consistent channel number throughout all regions, so quickly tuning into it should be easy for all DirecTV subscribers. 

However, if you can’t find it on the given channel number, it could mean that DirecTV changed its position. In that case, we’ll update our list with the new channel number, so be sure to check back with us.

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