How To Calibrate PS4 VR

Struggling to calibrate PS4 VR? Here are all of the simple steps you will need to take to help resolve this issue.

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If you’re having problems with your camera tracking and tracking light calibration on Playstation VR then you’ll be happy to know that the process to fix these issues is simple. 

Making sure your Playstation VR is properly calibrated will enhance your experience so that’s why we’ve created this guide to show you exactly what to do in a few easy steps.

How to calibrate PSVR

To find all of the calibration settings, you’ll need to press the PS button on your controller and then go to the settings tab in the XMB menu, and then select the Playstation VR option.

It’ll come up with options for calibration that you can choose from depending on the issue to fix, or if you’re not sure what’s wrong with the calibration, you can follow our easy steps for each issue to get the calibration fixed.

Measure Your Eye Distance

This setting is used so that the 3D video you see within your headset is as realistic as possible and feels natural when you’re looking around. Go to the ‘Measure Eye-to-Eye Distance’.

Remove the headset and move your face into the frame on the screen and look straight ahead into the camera and press the X button on your controller to take the photo.

Then with the cursors on the screen, place each one within the center of the eyes and then confirm. The distance will then automatically adjust and things you see within the video look more natural and help you perceive the scale of the world you’re seeing inside the VR.

Try to do this step as accurately as you can as it can make a huge difference to your experience.

Adjust Your Headset Positioning

You can’t play VR if your headset isn’t comfortable and you can’t see clearly, so take the time to adjust your headset so it properly fits you. This setting will take you to a black screen with white text on it, make sure you can read it and it’s not blurry.

Ensure that the headset headband fits snug but not too tight on your head and also not too loose that it could fall off when you’re moving around during gameplay.

Adjust Your Playstation Camera

The camera adjustment setting will require you to center your face in 3 individual frames going from left to right. Make sure your face fills the frame on the screen/

The best distance between a player and the VR camera is around 6, so ensure there is plenty of space between you and the TV.

You should also have at least 6 feet of space on either side of you so you can reach all the elements within gameplay without hitting any obstacles and hurting yourself.

The camera should be fairly high up (on top of your television level with your chest area is recommended) with the lens pointing slightly down towards your chest.

Make sure the two lenses on the camera are clean and if they have some smudges on them, and use a soft dry microfiber cloth to wipe away any marks.

Once you’ve set up and adjusted your camera to your positioning, then don’t move it around as you’ll need to readjust it again. Make sure the camera is stable on a surface and won’t fall off during movement in gameplay as this will cause tracking failure.

Calibrate The Tracking Lights On Your VR Headset

Calibrating your tracking lights on your VR headset is the most important part of ensuring the best experience using VR. The best way to do it is by putting the headset on instead of holding it in front of the camera to fill in the tracking lights in the red frames.

Follow all the instructions on the screen and try to stay as still as possible whilst it is calibrating each time, otherwise, the calibration will reset for the set that you were just calibrating. There will be 5 different sets of lights to calibrate.

You can do this process with the headset in your hands, but if you’re quite a shaky person then you’ll find it difficult to hold it still in the frames for each set.

You’ll need to make sure your room is dimly lit throughout the process of playing the games so your camera can track the lights on the VR headset. If the room is too bright then it may not be able to recognize your movement properly and will ruin your game experience.

If the lighting in the room changes during the game then it should be able to re-adjust itself but you may have to recalibrate to get it working back as it was.

Final Steps

Now that you’ve properly calibrated your PS VR, you’ll need to complete the final steps of adjusting your brightness and your screen to what looks and feels best for you when playing.

The VR screen is maximum brightness by default, but if you’d like to dim the brightness in the calibration menu for PS VR, select ‘screen brightness’ and adjust it to suit your eyesight.

Below the screen brightness tab, you’ll find the screen size option which will adjust how large the screen appears inside your headset. You can choose between small, medium, or large depending on what you’d prefer your field of view to be like.

Medium size is good for watching videos whilst large is good for playing games, although you can sometimes feel like you’re making too much head movement and shift your weight a bit more when you’ve got the screen in large, which can sometimes be less fatiguing than standing stationary the whole time.