How To Play Fallout 4 In VR

An easy guide to playing Fallout 4 in VR

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Fallout 4 is a fantastic Virtual Reality game that has won more than 200 “Best of” awards including DICA and BAFTA. It is currently available on Steam, PlayStation, and Vive!

In Fallout 4 you are the sole survivor of this apocalyptic world. The apocalypse in this story comes from a nuclear war. The object of the game is to survive!

Now that Fallout has come to VR you can not just play the survivor, but you can be them!

I’m going to teach you a couple of hacks to help you with your game!

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How To Play Fallout 4 In VR

One of the first skills you’ll need to learn as a sole survivor is how to run and teleport away.

To teleport you need to press the left trigger on your controller. Normally the dotted line will be blue, but if you start springing, it will turn green.

To walk, jog your sprint you’ll need to change the settings.

Press the menu button on your controller and go down to settings. When you find it, click the VR button.

At this point, you’ll see that there are lots of comfort settings, but for now, we are settling on running.

Click “Direct Movement” and you’ll be free to move with your touchpad and you won’t be limited to just teleportation.

Using the touchpad, you can move your player’s body left or right, and backward or forwards.

To sprint, you do the same but press down on the touchpad.

To move your player’s head you can turn your own body 360 degrees and see the world around you. But if you are playing in a small location and cannot move you can use the right touchpad to move your character’s head.

To bring up your Pip Boy you just need to swipe the touchpad and then press left or right to navigate the pages of the tablet.

You’ll notice that you have to bring your arm up to show the Pip Boy to your visor. But if that becomes uncomfortable, there is a comfort option. Go back to the settings like you did before and you’ll find the comfort Pip Boy toggles which will bring your information up like a screen.

To build something you need to level your controller over the workshop and press on the touchpad. The left controller will show you the different categories of items and with the right controller, you can place whatever you selected into the world.

The dialogue works in the same way as you would expect from Fallout, so there is nothing new there. And as you expect you need to press the touchpad to pick your selection.

To swap your weapon you can touch the center of the touchpad and then swipe until you find the weapon that suits the situation.

And that is how to get yourself started on Fallout 4 VR, but there is an inbuilt tutorial to help you figure out how to battle.

Can You Play Fallout 4 VR With Oculus

When I was describing how to play, you may have noticed that your controller doesn’t work in the same way. For example, Oculus.

Fallout 4 isn’t designed for Oculus, but there is a way for you to play without buying a whole new VR set.

The process is long, but follow this step by step route and you’ll be playing soon!

  1. Download and install OpenVR Input Emulator
  2. On your VR, bring up the “VR Input Emulator Settings”
    1. You should find it at the bottom of the main window
  3. A dialog box will come up.
  4. Click the device drop down and select your controllers.
  5. Once they are both selected, press the “Input Remapping” button followed by the “Axis0”.
    1. The “Axis0” is your joystick.
  6. Select your emulation.
    1. I’d suggest “Position Based” because it’s better for the controls and movement.
  7. Click “Button Press Deadzone Fix” so you can utilize the joystick.
  8. Save.
  9. If you have only done one controller, start again for the other controller.
  10. Add a toggle to each of the touch controllers
    1. This lets you turn on and off the emulation when you are in the game.
  11. Go back to the “Input Remapping Settings” screen and press A.
  12. Check the “Long Press” box.
  13. Listen to the audio cue to know when the toggle has switched.
  14. In the next drop down select “Toggle Touchpad Emulation”.
  15. Save
  16. Do the same to the other controller.
  17. Play!

How To Make Fallout 4 VR Look Bette

A lot of players have complained that Fallout 4 looks glitchy or blurry on VR, but there is a way to straighten out those bugs.

Follow this step-by-step process and you’ll have a smoother picture in no time!

  1. Go to your “My Games/Fallout4VR”.
  2. Find “Fallout4Custom.ini”.
  3. Add “[VRDisplay] fRenderTargetSizeMultiplier=1.0”.
  4. Your SS settings will now have changed to 1.0.
  5. Go back to your “My Games/Fallout4VR”.
  6. Find “Fallout4VRCustom.ini”.
  7. Go to “General”.
  8. Find “sStartingConsoleCommand=”.
  9. Edit it to “”sStartingConsoleCommand=taa off;fxaa on””.
  10. This will turn off TAA and turn on FXAA.

This should have smoothed out any blurry, glitchy, or pixelated problems you might be experiencing with your Fallout 4 VR experience.

As the game develops you might not even need to update the Fallout 4 VR graphics but remember that if you are using mods, these techniques might not work. If you are using mods, ask the mod community how they have fixed the graphics, so you don’t end up glitching something else.

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