Is Meta Quest 2 still worth it?


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Are you wondering if you should buy Meta Quest 2 or wait till Meta Quest 3 is out? This article will provide all the answers you need regarding Meta Quest 2 and if it is still worth it in 2023.

Is Meta Quest 2 still worth it? Introduction

The Meta Quest 2, formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2, is Meta’s standalone virtual reality headset. Released in 2020, it’s a significant upgrade over the original Oculus Quest, with improved specs, a lighter and more comfortable design, and a more affordable price point. At £299/$399 for the base 128GB model, the Quest 2 is one of the most accessible and budget-friendly ways to experience VR. If you’re after upgraded storage, go for the $499 256GB model.

But is it worth the investment? Here are the key pros and cons to consider:


  • No wires or PC required – The Quest 2 is completely wireless and self-contained. There’s no need for an expensive gaming PC or wires tethering you to a computer. It’s pick-up and play simplicity.
  • Impressive tech specs – With a fast smartphone-class Snapdragon XR2 processor, high-resolution displays (1832×1920 per eye), 6GB RAM, and improved battery life, the device can handle immersive, graphics-intensive VR gaming and experiences. The cameras feature infrared technology, and there’s hefty positional audio. Plus, 1 60-120Hz refresh rate is nothing to sniff at. 
  • Huge content library – The Quest store gives access to over 300 VR apps and games. Popular titles like Beat Saber, Vader Immortal, Moss, Superhot VR, and many more are available. Plus the ability to connect to a PC wirelessly via Oculus Link opens up the entire Rift library.
  • Intuitive controls – The redesigned Touch controllers feature improved ergonomics and haptic feedback for very natural feeling interactions in VR. With AirLink, you have the option to lose cables for a more immersive VR headset experience.
  • More social features – You can create an avatar and interact with friends in VR spaces like Meta Horizon Home. Up to 8 people can join a multiplayer game together.


  • Visual quality is still limited. Especially compared to the Playstation VR, which packs more of a punch in terms of display.
  • Limited battery life – the controllers use AA batteries.
  • Meta account required – you’ll have to link with a Facebook account, which isn’t for everyone. 

Is Meta Quest 2 still worth it? Conclusion

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-use standalone VR console with some great games and no need for an expensive gaming PC, the Quest 2 is a very compelling choice. It does have some visual limitations inherent to mobile hardware, but the ability to jump into immersive virtual worlds untethered makes it a great entry point for VR enthusiasts.

Meta Quest 3 which is allegedly being announced this week promises an even better VR experience. In all, the decision to purchase Meta Quest 2 or wait for Meta Quest 3 is up to you.

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