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600 Mbps is fast for gaming and streaming, but you may not actually need it

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on March 19, 2024
how fast is 600 mbps
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If you are looking at some high-speed internet plans and wondering whether 600 Mbps is fast enough, we have put together a guide for you.

Getting straight to the point – yes, 600 Mbps is quite fast and is usually considered “high speed” internet. For reference, as per a report by Statista, the global average speed for internet is 50 Mbps, and 600 Mbps is 12 times faster than that. With a 600 Mbps connection, you can connect multiple devices without compromising performance, game online without lag, and streaming high-resolution content.

Now, generally, when it comes to internet speeds, we have a “the faster, the better” attitude. However, most people do not need a high speed, like 600 Mbps, while others cannot make proper use of it. For activities like streaming content on YouTube, using social media, or web browsing a lower speed like 200 Mbps should suffice. However, there is no denying that such internet plans are very appealing, but they come at a premium cost – so keep that in mind.

So, without further ado, let’s see what a 600 Mbps internet connection is capable of, what you can expect from it, and whether it’s the right option for you or not.

Quick Answer

For bandwidth-intensive activities such as downloading large files, online gaming on multiple devices, and streaming 4K content – this internet speed should be sufficient while still having enough bandwidth left for other casual activities.

On the flip side, if your daily internet usage is restricted to web browsing, sending emails, making presentations, and streaming music, then 600 Mbps is surely an overkill – and an expensive one at that. Another factor to consider is availability. You will have to check in with the ISPs in your area if they offer a 600 Mbps package.

How fast is 600 Mbps for downloads?

As mentioned earlier, a 600 Mbps speed is considered high-end, so you can expect the downloads to be quick. To give a better idea of how fast 600 Mbps is, check out these download times –

File typeThe time it will take to download at 600 Mbps
25 MB1 second
500 MB6 seconds 
1.5 GB 20 seconds
3 GB HD 40 seconds 
40 GB  8 minutes 53 seconds
For these estimates, we have used the Omni Download Time Calculator.

Is 600 Mbps good for gaming?

Most ISPs recommend having at least 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps internet speed to get a decent gaming experience. In that case, a 600 megabits per second internet connection is more than enough for casual or competitive gaming. You can play story-based and competitive multiplayer games in high-definition and shouldn’t experience lag or disconnection issues – resulting in a smooth and comfortable gaming experience.

With a 600 Mbps internet connection, hosting a LAN party should also be possible, as it has enough speed and bandwidth to cater to multiple gaming devices.

As far as downloading games is concerned, you should be able to download large game files (like 100 GB) relatively quickly. For instance, as we saw above, a 40GB file should only take about 9 minutes to download.

Is 600 Mbps good for streaming?

A 600 Mbps internet plan should be sufficient to stream high-resolution content on any platform across a number of devices. According to Netflix’s internet speed recommendations, the minimum internet speed required to stream SD content is 3 Mbps, and for HD content, it’s 5 Mbps. So, taking that into consideration, 600 Mbps is in a league of its own and should be able to handle multiple devices streaming HD or even 4K content simultaneously.

So, if you have a high-resolution streaming subscription and have many people who might be streaming at the same time, then to cater to each device, the Wi-Fi signals need to be strong and reliable. To do that, you need the right equipment, and if you’re interested in some potential upgrades, then check out our best router for large houses guide for the best picks.

Is 600 Mbps good for working from home?

A 600 Mbps internet connection is more than sufficient for WFH activities and might even be overkill as, generally, office tasks aren’t bandwidth-hungry. So, you can quickly download and upload large files to and from the company portal, attend meetings with high-quality audio and video, conduct training, and overall – be efficient as you probably wouldn’t be experiencing slow browsing or disruptions.

This internet speed should also cater to multi-device usage, so if there are even 5 or 6 people working from your place, 600 Mbps should be able to handle the workload without breaking a sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can you use with 600 Mbps?

As mentioned earlier, 600 Mbps speed should deliver sufficient speeds on multiple devices. At once, you should be able to connect at least eight devices and use the internet on them without experiencing any lags or buffering.

Is 600 Mbps overkill?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. For example, if your daily usage consists of scrolling social media and looking at memes or videos on YouTube, then 600 Mbps might be overkill for you as those activities don’t require such high speeds. However, if you plan on downloading large files or games, which can be upward of 200 GBs, streaming 4K content, or doing some high-intensity competitive gaming, then 600 Mbps might be suited for your needs.


Considering all the activities you can do with it and other use cases, it isn’t surprising to find out that 600 Mbps is really fast and should be enough to cater to any tasks you throw at it. However, if you plan on using it for basic activities, then this internet plan is definitely overkill, and instead of paying a premium price for it, opting for 150 Mbps or 200 Mbps internet might be the right call for you.

However, if the activities you plan on doing are bandwidth-hungry or you have to share a single connection with multiple people, then this internet plan should be right up your alley and support any tasks you put in front of it.

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