Imagine with Meta AI — Facebook AI image generator

The new AI image generator from Meta

Imagine with Meta AI image generator.

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Meta has its own AI image generator at last. Often referred to as AI art generators, you might already be familiar with tools like Midjourney and DALL-E 3 (Stylized DALL·E) which beat Mark Zuckerberg to the punch. The Generative AI race has seen many such AI tools emerge throughout 2023, the year that even Collins Dictionary considers the year of artificial intelligence. As one of the final additions of the year to this historical technological run, Meta AI is releasing ‘Imagine with Meta AI‘, a standalone prompt-to-image tool based on the Emu AI model. With that said, when, where, and how can you use it?

What is Imagine with Meta AI image generator?

The new generative AI tool is called Imagine with Meta AI. Pretty straightforward, then. The brain behind the tool is none other than Meta’s own Emu AI model, which also powers Meta AI stickers generation. Emu is Meta’s foundation model for image generation within the Meta social portfolio, which includes Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more). Meta also owns Threads, but this will be the last social media app to see AI integration.

Meta AI’s text-to-image generation feature joins a suite of technologies and features released this year, such as Emu Edit and Emu Video. Both of these tools bring generative AI to social media in the form of image editing and AI video generation respectively. 2024 is set to be an interesting year, one in which creative content is generated en masse with text prompts. It may even be the year that human-generated content, already at a premium, is surpassed in quantity by AI-generated content.

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When and where to get the Facebook AI art generator

Meta AI’s text-to-image generation feature will roll out in the coming weeks, with “invisible watermarking… to increase transparency and traceability of AI-generated images.”

These tools will allow you to create new content, as well as edit it, “like using Meta AI to convert images from landscape to portrait orientation so you can share them more easily to Stories.”

In a blog post this week, the tech giant confirms the new “text-to-image generation feature,” which allows social media users “to make fun and creative content in chats.” As of December 6th, Image with Meta AI has its own standalone interface outside of social media, “making it available in the US to start at This standalone experience for creative hobbyists lets you create images with technology from Emu, our image foundation model. While our messaging experience is designed for more playful, back-and-forth interactions, you can now create free images on the web, too.”