How To Print Text Messages From Android In 2021

Make a hard copy of that important message log

how to print text messages from android

Learning how to print text messages from Android will come in really handy when backing up those important text messages or having some kind of hard evidence handy. The problem with printing off text messages is that there’s not a set option to do this on Android handsets and other devices. 

When it comes to figuring out how to print text messages from Android, you can either use a Wi-Fi supported printer to print directly from your phone or drop screenshots of the conversation into your chosen cloud storage or e-mail them to yourself to pick up on your PC/Mac. Screenshots are usually quite high resolutions on newer handsets, meaning they will look great on an A4 printout.


How To Print Text Messages From Android

Android printing illustration

This guide will be using a Google Pixel 5 running Android 12, although this guide should be suitable for all recent versions of Android. Check out how to grab the latest beta version of Android 12 here.


Get Your Messages Ready

Before finding out how to print text messages from Android, you’ll need to find the messages you need. Get them up on the screen, then press down on the volume rocker and the power button simultaneously and quickly (do not hold down). This screenshot will save to the ‘Screenshots’ folder in your handset.


Upload Or Send

Next, either send the images to your Wi-Fi-enabled printer via the ‘Share’ function pictured or upload to a new e-mail to your cloud storage to pick up on your PC/Mac. If you’re printing from another device, simply open the image on it and select print, making sure your printer is hooked up and turned on that is.


How To Print Text Messages From Android - Using Third-Part Apps/Software

Yes, you can learn how to print text messages from Android by using a text message backup app, or by syncing your Android device to Windows to view text messages that way. Ultimately, it’s a long way round of just taking a screenshot and printing it out.

For all things Android, make sure to check out and bookmark our Android hub.

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