Does Apple Work Watch With Android?

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Apple Watch With Android

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Does Apple Watch work with Android? Apple and Android devices don’t play together well, the same applies to Apple Watch with Android in 2021. Apple watch is quite restrictive in terms of compatibility with its own family of devices. It’s only compatible with iPhone 6 and up and doesn’t connect with iPads, although its fundamental method of functionality is Bluetooth, a technology iPads are no strangers to.

Straight off the bat, the answer to “does Apple Watch work with Android” is no. We’re going to tell you to not buy an Apple watch with the expectation for it to work with Android. There is one way to get some functionality of an Apple Watch with Android, but it relies on solely using LTE functionality found in higher-end Apple watches. This enabled Apple watches to function as if it’s tethered to an iPhone, but without the iPhone.

How To Use Apple Watch With Android

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Mobile carriers will have the LTE-enabled Apple Watch linked to an existing cell number and plan, which enables this kind of functionality. If you have an Apple Watch knocking around that has LTE functionality and is linked to an active mobile plan, alongside an Android device that is unlocked or locked to that network, here’s a way to accept calls on an Apple Watch:

Remove Your iPhone SIM

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Using the SIM tool that came with your iPhone, remove your iPhone sim card and insert it into your Android handset. Power the handset on.

Turn On Your LTE Apple Watch, does Apple Watch work with Android?

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Once turned on, it should use LTE mode to do things like accept calls and update itself. Please bear in mind that this is the only thing you can do with the Apple Watch as it’s not physically connected to your Android Device.

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