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How to Add Bots to Google Chat

Last Updated on August 11, 2023
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Google Chat is a popular communication tool for individuals and businesses alike. One of the great features of Google Chat is the ability to add bots, which can help automate tasks and improve productivity. This article will discuss adding bots to Google Chat in a few easy steps.


Add Bots to Google Chat – step-by-step

Follow the simple steps below.



Open Google Chat

The first step is to open the application. You can navigate the Google Chat website or open the Google Chat application on your desktop or mobile device.



Click on “Find people, rooms, bots”

Once you have opened Google Chat, click the “Find people, rooms, bots” search bar. This is on the top of the Google Chat interface, where you can search for bots you want to add.



Search for the Bot

In the search bar, type in the bot name you want to add. Google Chat has many bots available, so you must know the bot name you are looking for. If you are unsure of the bot’s name, you can browse the available bots list by clicking the “Browse Bots” button.



Add the Bot

Once you have found the bot you want to add, click on the bot’s name to open the bot’s page. On the bot’s page, you will see a button labeled “Add to Chat.” Click on this button to add the bot to your Google Chat account.



Start using the Bot

After you have added the bot to your Google Chat account, you can start using it. Bots can perform various tasks, from scheduling appointments to answering common questions.

To use the bot, type in the bot’s name followed by your question or command. The bot will then respond with the appropriate information or action.


Getting bots active in Google Chat can be a great way to improve productivity and automate tasks. Following the steps outlined above, you can quickly and easily add bots to your Google Chat account. 

Remember to search for the bot you want to add, click on the bot’s name to open the bot’s page, and then click on the “Add to Chat” button. Once you have added the bot, you can use it to help you work more efficiently.

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