What is AI-powered Bing?

What we know about Microsoft's latest launch

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Artificial intelligence is currently revolutionizing the search engine game. If you have been keeping up with the latest news surrounding AI, you may be wondering: What is AI-powered Bing?

Recently, Microsoft launched its version of an AI-powered search engine with the introduction of the ‘new’ Bing. The updated version of this new tool will have intelligent search capabilities, redefining the way users access information on the internet.

The engine will act like a mini assistant, helping you with a range of tasks, such as idea generation, coding problems, and question-answering.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is utilizing language models from their long-term investment, OpenAI, to power the engine. Leveraging the same technology that built OpenAI’s ever-so-famous chatbot, Chat GPT.

Similar to Chat GPT, Bing will be able to communicate with its users in a conversational manner. Giving you the opportunity to ask Bing more specific questions, getting answers containing the most up-to-date information out there. A feature that is currently lacking in Chat GPT.

When using this search engine, you will still receive Bing’s typical search results but will also get a single answer gathered from knowledge across numerous different websites.

The ‘new’ Bing will also be able to complete some very advanced requests. For example, “write a poem that rhymes for my 8-year-old Jake. He loves dogs and facts about the ocean”.

This AI search engine will be a direct competitor to Google’s latest release, Bard AI. And considering the recent backlash Google has faced over the reliability of its tool, Bing may well be the front-runner in this space.

How do I use Bing AI?

At the moment, you can gain access to the ‘new’ Bing by joining Microsoft’s waiting list. If you are keen to have a hands-on experience quickly, the tech giant is also offering to fast-track this process for those who install the Bing app and set Bing as their default search engine. Once you have passed the waiting list, you can use the new AI tool by simply heading to the Bing website.

AI-powered Microsoft Edge

Alongside the launch of the ‘new’ Bing, Microsoft is also launching an updated version of Microsoft Edge. The web browser will feature a brand-new sleek design with Bing AI integration or “copilot”.

Expect the power of Bing at your fingertips. The new integration will allow for more sophisticated tasks. As demoed in a press conference, Microsoft Edge will have the ability to summarise long documents, compare information from two different websites and draft social media posts. What was also pretty astounding, was Bing AI’s ability to rewrite code in other languages.

Final Thoughts

So, it looks like AI will become a massive part of the internet. New search engines tools like Bing and Edge are here to make our lives so much easier. Gone are the days of scouring through a bunch of websites to find an answer to our burning questions.

Are you looking to find out more about Bing AI? Well, it is definitely worth checking out Bing’s website to see what this search engine can do. Also, head over to our article where we compare Bing AI vs Bard AI.