What is Apprentice Bard?

Google's own AI technology is being readied

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It seems that Google has sized up the competition and created its own rival to the AI language model Chat GPT – Google Bard, which has formerly been known as Apprentice Bard in initial reports.

Reports came in over the last couple of weeks that Google was working on a potential Chat GPT competitor, under the name ‘Apprentice Bard’. It looked like it will be incorporating the LaMDA technology Google have been developing for several years. This is a form of AI that scans information available online, from sites like Reddit and Wikipedia, to mimic human speech. It draws upon many other sources to solve complex queries and equations.

Well, now the cat is out of the bag, and Google have announced their chatbot offering. However, it’s called Google Bard – not Apprentice Bard, as previous reports suggested.

Google Bard will probably act a lot like Open AI’s Chat GPT. This means it will interact in a conversational style with the person using it.

It will probably be able to generate texts ranging from essays to poems, answer coding and mathematical queries, or any of the other interesting features currently being displayed by AI language models. This is likely, given the massive research capabilities and budget Google has.

It’s difficult to say exactly what this chatbot will look like, as Google are being pretty secretive about the whole thing. However, we’ve done some research and have all the key information available right now.

Will we see a Google Bard chatbot?

So, it’s looking like Google are working on a chatbot, apparently called Google Bard. At the moment, it seems the chatbot is just being tested by a small group of trusted testers.

However, with the public interest in chatbots and Google’s high rate of development, it’s not a big stretch to say this technology could be available to the public pretty soon. But again, there are no dates circulating just yet!

Final Thoughts

Google has been relatively slow to the AI chatbot game, probably due to the reputation it has to uphold. However, that has changed with the surging popularity of Chat GPT. We expect to see some interesting developments over the next few months.