Can ChatGPT create images?

Is Chat GPT an AI art generator?

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As we see more and more artificial intelligence (AI) tools released on the internet, the popularity of this technology continues to skyrocket. The current AI model in the spotlight is OpenAI’s Chat GPT. Given the existence of AI tools that can generate art, it raises the question: Can Chat GPT create images?

We cannot stress enough how far we have come in AI technology. It is now possible to find an AI tool for almost any creative task online.

The latest craze at the moment is AI-generated music and art. AI art is freakily fun. But is Chat GPT capable of creating this? In short, not really, but more on this below.

Chat GPT is an AI language model. It works by opening up a question-and-answer style dialogue between you and the bot. The AI model responds to your request by analyzing the data it was trained on – formulating the most appropriate response based on past patterns and trends in human dialogue.

Since the model is built to generate text, Chat GPT cannot strictly create images. The model unfortunately does not have the ability to perform pixel generation.

However, all is not lost. According to AI VATAPI Chat GPT can create a text description which could then be used for image generation – using text-to-image synthesis.

The way this process works is through training a model to create images based on language descriptions. The model would receive a text input and use it to map out visual content and generate image pixels based on the themes of the description.

So, despite Chat GPT not being able to create the art directly itself, you can still use the bot’s response to generate art using another model – for example, Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image diffusion model.

Chat GPT update

OpenAI’s recent update does include new image processing capabilities, however. The latest version of Chat GPT, powered by the new multimodal model (GPT-4) can now understand and respond to images you feed it.

Unfortunately, the AI bot will still not be able to design images but it can now analyze them to help you with any task. For example, let’s say you have a few ingredients going out-of-date and you’re hoping to use them for your next meal.

Simply, take a quick photo of these items and send it to Chat GPT. With the new update, Chat GPT will now be able to give you recipe recommendations based on this image – pretty phenomenal! And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Can Chat GPT draw pictures?

In short, no. Chat GPT does not have the ability to generate images or draw pictures. The AI bot was not designed to produce any artwork but instead output text. All is not lost, however. OpenAI does have an art-generating AI model called DALL-E2. It is currently available to try out for free using monthly credits from OpenAI.

Can Chat GPT create images with AI?

No, Chat GPT is a language-focused application of AI, and so doesn’t have the ability to create images with AI. It cannot draw them (or even sketch) an image. There are services that can create images with AI. Dall-E2 is one such service, also created by OpenAI.

Can Chat GPT create images from text?

No, Chat GPT can not create images from text by itself, although it can serve these as responses. Chat GPT does not have any illustration or artistic capabilities coded into it. However, it has been shown that Chat GPT can provide images by interoperation with Stable Diffusion.

For pure art or imagery though, use you are best to consider AI art generators like those below.

What is the best AI art generator?

So it seems that Chat GPT isn’t the best option for AI art generation. But what other options are out there? We have summarized a list of the top AI generators currently on the market. So, save yourself time scouring the web and check out our top picks below.

  • Jasper Art – A popular AI tool that converts text inputs to images.
  • DALL-E2 – OpenAI’s image-generating tool, known for creating astonishingly realistic images.
  • Night cafe – Another popular tool, known for its wider range of features compared to its rivals.
  • Photosonic – An art generator with the option of image generation or image modification.


Unfortunately, Chat GPT cannot directly create images. The model is a conversational bot built to output text responses and not pixel images. However, we have shown you that it is possible to use Chat GPT to generate an AI image, you just need the help of a text-to-image synthesizer.

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