Best AI art generators in 2024 – our top picks

Generate unique and creative art with AI art generator

Discover the top picks among AI art generators, which produce the best artwork with their advanced algorithms.

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If you are looking for the best AI art generator, we found some of the best art generator tools available on the market that you can try out today.

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, from content to art. Creating beautiful art requires a lot of time and years of practice, but thanks to AI advancements, you can now create digital art with just a single click of a button, no matter how complex it is.

The AI art generators use machine learning and neural networks to analyze art structures. With just a simple line of text or prompt, the AI art generators create beautiful digital art in a matter of seconds.

AI art generators are more capable than you think, as they can effortlessly generate anime art, 3D structures, logos, banners, and more, along with digital art.

We have listed the five best AI art generators for you that can create unique and creative digital art at the click of a button. So, let’s get started.

What are the best AI art generators?

  1. Adobe Firefly
  2. DALL-E 3
  3. Jasper Art
  4. MidJourney
  5. Shutterstock

Best AI art generator overall – Adobe Firefly

Adobe Photoshop CS6, one of the top picks for graphic designers and photographers, offers powerful AI art generators.

The latest addition to Adobe’s Creative Suit- the Adobe Firefly is great AI software, designed for generating AI art and images. Apart from creating art, the AI tool is well-versed in editing tasks with features like generative fill and generative recolor.

Adobe Firefly has a whooping 300 million Adobe stock images and videos dataset, which allows it to generate more unique and stunning royalty-free digital art. One advantage of Adobe Firefly is that you can create any complex art with Firefly and sell it without worrying about copyright concerns.

The Firefly AI tool works on the text-to-image AI model, but Adobe recently introduced a new feature, Image-to-model, which is way more advanced than text ones. With that feature, you get dozens of customization options, including effects, styles, content types, and negative prompts to make your generated art more superior and attractive.

Adobe Firefly is the best AI art generator tool for anyone who wants to create beautiful digital art.

Adobe Firefly Pros

  • Generates high-quality images and royalty-free digital art quickly
  • Extensive range of advanced features
  • Vast dataset (Over 300+ million images and videos)
  • Free version with 25 credits monthly
  • Integration support for Adobe Creative suite (Photoshop, illustrations, Adobe Express)


  • Limited editing tools
  • Only 100 credits in paid plans


Adobe Firefly premium plans start at $4.99/mo with a limited 100 credits. You won’t get unlimited credits in the paid plans.

Best free AI art generator – DALL-E 3

A futuristic depiction of a woman in a dress, generated by advanced anime AI algorithm in 2024.

OpenAI’s open-source model DALL-E 3 is the best free AI art generator tool that generates realistic art and images from textual descriptions. Unlike other AI art generator tools, DALL-E 3 won’t offer you dozens of features to customize the arts. The model itself has versatility and uniqueness in that it generates the best possible result from the given prompt.

The free AI art generator tool DALL-E 3 can create high-resolution art, but you can’t upscale or edit it with the AI tool. That is where DALL-E 3 lacks compared to the other AI art tools available in the market. Even a beginner with no art experience can use this AI tool efficiently, thanks to its user-friendly interface. And you can easily save generated art in your collections. If you just want to explore a free option, then DALL-E 3 won’t disappoint you with its creative generations.

In our full DALL-E 3 review, we decided to put the software to the test to see how well it performs. We found that while it was able to generate decent images, most of them were unusable. This is because it lacks photorealism, as the pictures it generated of human faces and hands did not look realistic. However, the close-ups we generated looked better, but you could still tell that they were generated using an AI software. On top of that, the text-in-image feature worked flawlessly, and the software managed to incorporate the text within the images in a clean manner. We gave DALL-E 3 three out of five stars. We would’ve given it four stars if the images looked a bit more real.

Overall, DALL-E 3 is the best free AI art generator model for anyone who wants to experience AI digital art generation technology. You can try DALL-E 3 through the Microsoft Edge browser (Bing Image Creator). Thanks to the model’s versatility and unique result-generating tech, it overcomes feature blocks just by providing a detailed textual input of your desired ai-generated art.

DALL-E 3 Pros

  • Generates more versatile and catchy digital arts
  • Easy to use, available on Web, Android, and iOS
  • Free to use
  • Easy downloads


  • Lacks an advanced set of features
  • Generated images lack realism
  • Can only generate one image at a time


DALL-E 3 is available completely free for use through the Microsoft Edge browser.

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Best versatile AI art generator – Jasper Art

What if AI art generators could create any art or image in seconds by 2024?

Popular AI art generator platform Jasper Art is perfectly designed for content creators who generate catchy art and images in various styles for your content. It offers multiple ready-to-use templates that save time while generating artwork.

Jasper Art AI tool allows you to generate royalty-free AI-generated images and art with a wide range of customization options, such as different art styles, moods, artist-inspired work, and more. With Jasper Art, you can create unlimited watermark-free art and images at a maximum resolution of 2k. Jasper generates four samples for each prompt, and you can easily download them in different formats, including PNG and JPG. You can even use Jasper’s AI-generated art for commercial purposes without worrying about copyright issues.

We put Jasper’s AI Art tool to the test during our Jasper AI review. We found out Jasper Art AI is great at producing visuals for social media channels, blogs, and articles. But there’s a catch; when it comes to the details, the tool is a little lackluster. We asked it to create an image of a person writing an article on their desk, and most of the results it generated were not usable. This was mainly because of different errors. For instance, two out of the four images it generated showed the person writing on a laptop with a pen. If you are looking for an AI tool that creates detailed AI art like MidJourney, then Jasper isn’t the right tool for you.

A captivating screen shot of a website with various images created by the best AI art generators.

That being said, for someone looking for a quick image on the fly, it could be a worthwhile, inexpensive, and time-saving solution.

Jasper Art Pros

  • Generates copyright-free digital art and images
  • Extensive range of customizations for artwork from mood, and artist to styles.
  • Watermark free image
  • Unlimited generation’


  • It’s expensive
  • Requires detailed textual description for better results
  • Images are sometimes not usable due to different errors


Jasper Art’s monthly paid plans pricing starts at $59/mo.

Best AI art generator to create realistic art – MidJourney

An AI-generated image of a blue screen with text on it - one of our top picks for art generators.

MidJourney is a solid AI art generator tool that generates realistic digital artwork with simple prompts. You can access MidJourney completely free via the Discord server and experience the power of this generative AI tool. You just need a Discord account to get the free trial credits.

MidJourney offers dozens of advanced features to upscale and add variations to the generated output. You just need knowledge of MidJourney commands to use it at its peak level and achieve the best possible results. MidJourney version 6 Alpha is a far superior model for adding minute details in generated digital art, such as text and quotation marks, and optimizing colors.

In our hands-on MidJourney review, we praised the MidJourney for generating the capability of a variety of art styles, including photorealism, which is a very hard thing for any software to master, and MidJourney is flawless in it. Midjourney is an independent AI software that works on proprietary algorithms and AI engine technologies to generate AI digital arts.

MIdjourney is the best AI art generator for graphics designers and content creators who want to create realistic digital art. Midjourney doesn’t offer a free trial or free version. However, you can try it free via Discord.

MIdjoureny Pros

  • Generates high-resolution images and realistic digital artwork
  • Dozens of commands to achieve the best results (/imagine, /blend. /remix and more)
  • Available free via Discord
  • Extensive range of customization options


  • Anything you create on MidJoureny is available for the public domain, meaning anyone can use your generated artwork
  • A bit of a learning curve


Midjourney basic plan starts at $10/mo. It also offers other plans that range from $30 to $120/mo.

Best AI art generator for content creators – Shutterstock

A screenshot of a website featuring top picks from AI art generators.

You are probably familiar with the most popular royalty-free image provider website, Shutterstock. Shutterstock has a great AI art generator tool with access to a vast image library, different styles, and patterns, which helps it generate unique and creative artwork.

This AI tool uses OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 model to generate images, digital and 3D art. The unique feature of Shutterstock is that it offers a list of tags you can use while creating your artwork and helps you get the desired results. It allows you to generate an unlimited variation of art, which means you can generate art until you get your best variation.

Shutterstock AI art is great for generating batch pictures, but sometimes, it takes much longer to generate the desired output. If you want an AI art tool that can quickly produce batch images, then Shutterstock may fall short despite having a vast library of images.

As for features, the AI tool has limited styles and templates, which limits creativity at some point. However, you get over 20+ languages support. It allows users to choose generated output to save as private collections or make it public, meaning you can make the generated art accessible to everyone if you want. You can choose your desired size for generated art from 1024 x 1024 and 512 x 512 pixels.

Shutterstock is the best AI art generator tool for content creators who need batch photos for their work.

Shutterstock Pros

  • Generates multiple AI images and arts
  • Offers a variety of styles, variations, and a vast image library
  • Over 20+ language support
  • Easy-to-use user interface


  • No Free plan
  • It’s expensive


Shutterstock offers two-tier subscription plans to users- THe basic monthly plan starts at $29/mo with a limited 10 image generation per month, and the Packs plan starts at $49/mo.

Which is the best AI art generator?

Adobe Firefly stands out as one of the best AI art generator tools available on the market. Adobe’s new AI art generator tool is insanely powerful in creating digital art. It has advanced AI tools such as generative fill, text-to-image generator, image-to-model generator, and more that further help to enhance and achieve the best possible creation of digital art. It’s worth mentioning here that Firefly has over 300 million images and videos in a vast library to create unique copyright-free outputs.

If you are looking for a free option, OPENAI’s DALL-E 3 is the best AI art generator you can look up. It is more versatile and offers great results in a matter of seconds. However, the only quibble is that it doesn’t offer advanced features to tweak the generated art, but with the right text prompts, you can overcome this block. On top of that, the images it generates often lack realism.

MidJourney is another top contender on the list, and it is popular for its photorealism concept. The AI tool uses an AI engine and proprietary algorithms to produce highly realistic images and digital artwork. The only problem with Midjourney is that it doesn’t offer a free trial or free plan like Adobe Firelfly, but you can get a taste of this AI art creator through Discord with a limited number of credits.

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