Is AutoGPT built on LangChain?

How LangChain compares to AutoGPT

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As AutoGPT grows in popularity, many are wondering: is AutoGPT built on LangChain?

To set the record straight, LangChain and AutoGPT are two separate autonomous agents and tools. It appears that AutoGPT was not built on LangChain but you can implement the model with LangChain primitives. Are you confused about how these tools differ? Keep on reading to find out.

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What is LangChain?

So, what is LangChain? Well, it is a flexible framework that allows you to use a variety of different large language models (LLM) and vector databases. The platform enables you to enhance the capabilities of various AI tools by giving you internet access and the ability to load documents from other sources, expanding the model’s knowledge past its training data.

It is the perfect framework for building artificial intelligence applications. LangChain also offers you the chance to create projects using Python and its JavaScript alternative LangChain.js.

What is Auto-GPT?

AutoGPT is an open-source project that transforms GPT-4 into a fully autonomous chatbot. It promises to “autonomously achieve whatever goal you set”, running OpenAI’s model completely on its own. This AI application can automate multi-step tasks, chaining together “thoughts” to create its own prompts.

Essentially, you can tell AutoGPT your end goal and the AI will work on its own to fulfil the project. It is one of the first examples of GPT-4 operating fully autonomously to complete tasks. This experimental open-source application is available from the dedicated GitHub webpage. 

Final Thoughts

It seems as though AutoGPT does not use the LangChain framework. Nevertheless, both agents use cutting-edge technology that can help you complete various natural language processing tasks. For example, developing communicative agents and writing code.

If you are looking to try out these two applications we definitely recommend heading to AutoGPT’s GitHub page or the LangChain webpage for more information.