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ChatGPT can’t write code? It sort of can…

The application can do a few things
Last Updated on March 20, 2023
ChatGPT cant write code - hero
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With the emergence of ChatGPT, many developers and programmers are finding solace in this AI technology. It’s no denying that ChatGPT has a vast data bank to provide you with complex solutions. However, one thing missing in this AI program is the human intelligence to solve a brand-new idea or problem. 

Can ChatGPT is smart enough to provide solutions? Let’s find out.

Can You Code With ChatGPT?

The straight arrow answer is yes; you can code with ChatGPT – sort of.

It tends to reduce the time in providing codes for overly complex syntaxes to a fraction of a minute. For instance, converting web pages into PDF seems unnecessary grind work after the launch of ChatGPT.

Similarly, you can locate phrases or words in a text set (regex) using ChatGPT, which otherwise requires a lot of manly hours. Another example of ChatGPT’s AI helping coders is reducing their time-solving complex mathematical compilations in famous languages like Python or HTML.

All in all, the AI technology of ChatGPT is a supplementary tool for developers and programmers to make them work efficiently. This program tends to generate your answers in your desired programming language. Once you get the solution, you only need to copy and paste it into your program to test its accuracy and focus on your main objective.

But What’s the Catch?

But everything is not all bells and whistles with ChatGPT’s AI integration. Many programmers and coders face accuracy problems in ChatGPT’s solutions. The generalized AI solution for a code is the biggest downfall of this program. The time that programmers save on complex codes has no meaning when they have to spend excessive time testing the accuracy of the AI codes from ChatGPT. 

Another issue that coders are facing is copying and pasting the generated solutions into their programmers. Many are of the view that it is not that simple and pretty annoying as well. 

Once again, the issue is errors, mistakes, and the time you must spend modifying the generated result. ChatGPT needs more research to overcome errors and mistakes in its solutions to be more accurate.

Final Words

ChatGPT has revolutionized the programming world, but it requires a lot of updates and tweaks to overcome many standard errors and modification issues. The pro-coders use this program only to generate and modify an idea with their experience and intelligence.

For new coders, you should not rely on this program and apply juice-up your creative mind to find solutions. Use it as a tool and not the result.

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