Can Chat GPT pass the Turing Test?

Chat GPT's capabilities are still up for debate

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The Turing test was developed over seven decades ago, by the famous British mathematician and computer scientist, Alan Turing. The test is commonly used to measure whether or not artificial intelligence can think and respond like a human being. As Chat GPT increases in popularity, many are wondering: Can Chat GPT pass the Turing test?

Chat GPT is an online AI chatbot, created by OpenAI. Since its release near the end of last year, many people have been taking advantage of the model’s capabilities. And if you are yet to try it out, you are definitely in for a treat.

The AI model has the ability to do almost any task, as long as you prompt it. You can ask it to write essays, solve coding problems, translate texts, and even discuss any topic your heart desires.

After Google’s LaMDA model supposedly passed the Turing test last summer, the hot topic now is whether or not Chat GPT could also pass. But before we look into that, let’s explore what the Turing Test really is.

What is the Turing Test?

The Turing Test is a popular and well-known test in the world of AI. To put it simply, the Turing Test is a method to test how human-like a machine’s artificial intelligence is.

This is achieved by measuring the machine’s ability to demonstrate intelligent behavior which could deceive the user into thinking it is also human.

A Turing Test normally involves a human assessor who interacts with both the AI and a human in general conversation. If the judge cannot distinguish between which response was the machine and which was the human, then the machine has passed the Turing Test.

Turing Test on Chat GPT

The question of whether Chat GPT has passed the Turing test is still up for debate. From interacting with the model itself, it seems that Chat GPT does have the ability to pass the Turing Test.

Although, after some quick research online, it seems that the AI model has not undergone a proper Turing Test yet. A major issue with trying to conduct the Turing Test on Chat GPT is that the AI likes to specify that it is a language model in conversation. This is obviously a massive giveaway that the machine is not human and can be seen in Time’s conversation with the bot.

Despite this, writers at Less Wrong suggest that this characteristic could be bypassed with a bit of hard wiring on the back end of the model.

However, according to Metaverse Post, Chat GPT has already passed the Turing Test. They state that a data scientist at Buzzfeed confirmed this result by putting the chatbot up against a human from a call center in the Philippines. Chat GPT, in some cases, managed to deceive evaluators. There were moments when they were not able to decipher which response was the bot and which was the human.

Final Thoughts

So can Chat GPT pass the Turing Test? Well, we do not really know for now. As of writing, Chat GPT has not been put through a vigorous test just yet. Making it difficult to answer this question fully.

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