ChatGPT blocked –  ‘you have been blocked’ error, potential fixes

Here's how to get rid of the ChatGPT "Sorry, you have been blocked" error message

ChatGPT "Sorry you have been blocked error" - possible fixes. Image shows the text "ChatGPT "Sorry you have been blocked error" - possible fixes" next to a browser window with the OpenAI logo and two error boxes. The image has a purple blue gradient background.

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ChatGPT is one of the most infamous AI chatbots out there, but it is not without its flaws. In addition to the bots servers going down, there are a variety of alternative error codes you might see on ChatGPT. A common problem that seems to have been plaguing users recently is the “Sorry, you have been blocked” error message. Here are some possible fixes to get rid of this pesky “Sorry, you have been blocked” error and return to accessing ChatGPT as normal. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about bypassing this error and getting back to prompting.

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Potential reasons behind the “Sorry, you have been blocked” error

Getting an error message on ChatGPT saying “Sorry, you have been blocked” means it’s likely the OpenAI systems have detected some suspicious activity or unusual login behavior from your device or IP address. Sometimes ChatGPT interprets the use of VPNs or proxies as suspicious behavior or a possible security threat. Especially if the IP address links to high-risk or malicious activities. It isn’t that you’ve been personally prevented from accessing ChatGPT, but rather that your VPN is flagging you as distrustful. 

If there is a violation of OpenAI’s terms of service by spamming or conducting abusive behavior, this will result in getting temporarily blocked. OpenAI outlines the conditions under which they may terminate a user’s access in Section 6 of their Terms of Use.

Regardless of the error code source, you’ll no doubt just want to sort it so you can access ChatGPT again. We’ve got you covered here with some possible fixes to sort this out and safeguard you from future blocks.

ChatGPT “Sorry, you have been blocked” error – how to fix

Here are some ways to fix ChatGPT’s “Sorry, you have been blocked” error message.

  • Disable your VPN and refresh the website.
  • Update your browser or use incognito mode.
  • Get rid of any automated scrips or bots
  • Get in touch with the OpenAI support team.

Disable VPN

ChatGPT servers can sometimes interpret the use of a VPN as suspicious, resulting in the above error code. By disabling your VPN, refreshing the website, or logging in again, you should be able to get back into the chatbot. Alternatively, you could try disabling your proxy, firewall, and antivirus to see if this is what is causing the block.

Update your browser

Having an outdated browser can cause problems with using ChatGPT. Try to make sure the browser attempting to run the website is on its latest update to avoid compatibility issues. Using incognito mode can help you bypass any peripheral browser issues you might be having. While you’re at it, it always helps to clear your browser cache and cookies to erase any potential security threat.

Get rid of any automated scrips or bots

The use of automation tools, scripts, or other AI bots when interacting with ChatGPT can cause the platform to detect spam or even potential abuse. Given that the software is specifically designed for human interaction, these non-human patterns used by automation tools or bots can lead to being blocked.

Contact OpenAI support

If these methods don’t help in resolving the error message, the account in use might have been banned from ChatGPT usage. If this is the case, get in touch with the ChatGPT support team to further look into the matter. However, you can also look into signing up from a different device or network to avoid the “Too many signups from the same IP” error.

ChatGPT blocked me

In short, being blocked from ChatGPT is a response to misuse of the service, and not easy to circumvent. This is not an issue that can simply be solved by upgrading to the paid plans ChatGPT Plus or ChatGPT Enterprise.

Continued abuse of a service is not something you can look up a tutorial for and fix. The solution was to not misuse the service in the first place. If, however, you genuinely believe you did not misuse the service and are seeing this in error, follow the above advice to unblock ChatGPT on your device.

ChatGPT blocked at work

Organisations may choose to block ChatGPT on work computers. Again, this is difficult to circumvent because you may not be able to discreetly install a VPN on your work machine. The solution here may not even be technological. If you can explain to your supervisor how ChatGPT positively impacts your productivity and output, and how that relates to Key Productivity Indicators or the companies bottom line, they may unblock it. This does however involve changing someone’s mind on an issue that many already hold strong opinions about.

Why am I blocked from ChatGPT?

This is due to suspicious activity or misuse of your OpenAI account. Suspicious activity can be from “Too many signups from the same IP” or the detection of VPNs and scripts designed to intentionally misuse the service. Ultimately, the definition is up to OpenAI and the legislation cited in their legal documentation.

Final Thoughts

You can put some measures in place to prevent error codes from being a problem. These might include keeping your device and browser up-to-date, and making sure to respect the platform’s terms of use. Before reporting an issue, check the server status of ChatGPT just in case the software has gone down. While you wait for these error codes or servers to get fixed, you could try checking out some of the best Chat GPT alternatives of 2023. There are also guides available on other AI technology such as Google Bard to keep up with the latest AI trends.

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