Why is Google AI called Bard?

What's in a name? Well let's see

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Google has a fairly straightforward naming tradition for its services. The most famous one is literally Google, while others are just ‘say what you see’ with ‘Google’ on the front. Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Gmail used to be called Google Mail. But why is Google’s AI called Google Bard?

Google’s key AI technology that Bard is based on is called LaMDA. This stands for Language Model for Dialog Applications. Google Bard itself is an AI-powered conversational chatbot, with similarities to Chat GP.

This means it is likely capable of writing poems, stories, and a lot more. For Google’s purposes, a chatbot that responds to human questions in a natural way makes a lot of sense. The applications for search, particularly with Microsofot’s new AI-powered Bing being a rival, are clear.

However, Bard’s ability in creative applications of language is likely why it is called Bard. A chatbot in the same category as William Shakespeare – known as ‘The Bard’ and English literature great – does feel uncomfortable. But ‘Bard’ is a fairly catch-all term and offers an organic air to Google’s upcoming service.

Can Google Bard write stories?

Google Bard’s capabilities and public uses aren’t fully clear yet – it’s not available for public testing. But the technology is capable of writing somewhat creatively. Google’s LaMDA is undoubtedly capable of it, and Bard uses LaMDA, so it will depend on whether Bard has both an interface and a relevant way to respond.

With OpenAI’s application, Chat GPT, you can prompt it to write a story, or poem, or essay. Whether you will be able to ask Bard to act…like a bard we don’t yet know.

What is the AI of Google called?

Google’s artificial intelligence technology is called LaMDA. This is a conversational language model Google has been developing.

The first generation of LaMDA was announced in 2021, and it made headlines in the Summer of 2022 when then-Google engineer Blake Lemoine claimed the AI was sentient. Google stated that those claims were wholly unfounded.

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